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  • Scott in felicity - What an Actor!

    I started watching Felicity for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I just finished watching the season finale a couple of hours ago and I am sick to my stomach. Ha ha! I know it was just a show n it ended years ago but I can't believe how they ended the show. I am not sure the reason why the show was only 4 seasons long but it was so emotionally draining:) Even though Ben and felicity looked alright together, i so wanted her to end up with Noel.
    Gosh, how could she let him go even though she got a second chance to make it all alright.

    Personally, if it wasn't Scott Foley playing the role of Noel, i might be thinking differently. Scott Foley just made it so difficult to like Scott Speedman. I can't stop thinking about the way he looked at felicity. His eyes just said everything. Gosh, just the way he looked, it hurts so much just thinking about it. I guess that's what a great actor does to you, he makes you feel his pain/happiness, etc. Frankly, i think I would be a much happier person had the show ended with Felicity realizing that she was in love with Noel all along:) ha ha what a twist! i think the writers got a lil confused writing this show, hence the show tanked. I wish Scott all the best for his future roles. I strongly feel that he is one of the finest actors of his generation. I hope he gets another great show like felicity, somewhere where he ends up with the one he loves:)