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  • Flood of Imagination / Lights Out

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 21 - 2/17/03

    "Flood of Imagination"

    It's a rainy day outside and Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are all playing games inside Clifford's doghouse. Cleo's getting really bored, as T-Bone's now doing the same game of "who has the bone?" for what seems like the fifty millionth time. She's really bored and wants to do something else. She wishes it would stop raining. Clifford says that they could tell a story. He starts the story by saying that he's on his way to pick up Emily Elizabeth from school. Cleo yawns loudly and pretends to go to sleep. But then Clifford says that he's going to pick her up in his new yellow car. Now, Cleo starts getting interested. She joins in and changes the car's color to purple and makes herself the driver. T-Bone joins in too, appearing in the passenger's seat and making himself a noble king. Cleo tells him that he may think that she's the driver, but she's actually the queen. And the two make Clifford a brave knight. They have a bit of an argument at first over what color Clifford's helmet should be - blue or green. They argue for a bit, until finally Clifford suggests that they make it yellow. Both agree. The plot returns to Clifford's picking up Emily Elizabeth. He says that Emily Elizabeth was kidnapped by a mean ogre and is now being held in his castle. So, the group heads for the castle. On the way there, they create flying pigs, who are the castle guards. After another Cleo/T-Bone argument, the pigs also end up being yellow, but with blue hair. The gang comes up with a clever trick to evade them and is soon on their way to the castle. They're just about to go face the giant ogre, when Mac comes into the doghouse. At first, they're so engrossed in the story, that they think that Mac is the ogre. Then, they realize it's just Mac. They explain what they're doing and Mac joins in, taking on the part of the ogre. In the story, Cleo distracts the ogre and gets him to chase her, while T-Bone gets the attention of the flying pigs. This leaves Clifford to enter the castle. There he finds Emily Elizabeth, trapped in a hanging cage and frees her. Finally, the sun appears outside, but Mac, Cleo and T-Bone are so caught up in the story, they don't want to go outside. Then, Clifford tells them that the great thing about stories is that you can tell them anywhere. And so they all go out in the sun to continue their storytelling fun.

    "Lights Out"

    It's a very hot day on Birdwell Island and everyone is looking for things to do. The local weatherman comes on TV, talking about what a hot day it is and recommending that everyone only use electricity if at all necessary. However, no one seems to be listening. Vaz is engrossed in some computer learning software. Mary is trying to play a video game. Jetta has to watch after her brother Cosmo and is try to keep him entertained with a video. And everyone else is using electricity in some way to keep themselves entertained. The failure to heed the meteorologist's warning leads to an island-wide power outage. This creates problems for everyone, but Mr. Bleakman seems to have all the answers. One of the immediate problems is that without power, area traffic lights are out. Mr. Bleakman says that he was a kid, there were no traffic lights. Instead, they just had signs. In this vein, Clifford becomes a giant sign and directs traffic at a major intersection. One of his paws is painted green and he holds it up when it's okay for motorists to go and holds up his other, unpainted paw when they need to stop. Finally, Sheriff Lewis gets traffic under control. This leaves Mr. Bleakman to solve other problems. For example, Vaz complains that without power, he can't use his educational software about forests on his computer. Mr. Bleakman says that when he was a kid, if he wanted to learn about something, he got a book. So Vaz goes to the library. Mary comes along and complains that her video game won't work without power. Mr. Bleakman says that when he was a kid, he played cards or board games. So Mary, along with Emily Elizabeth and Charley ask Mr. Bleakman if he'll play cards with them. Then, Jetta comes along, with Cosmo. She doesn't know what to do about Cosmo, as he's upset that he can't watch his video anymore. Emily Elizabeth tells Jetta that when Mr. Bleakman was a kid, they probably didn't have videos. Mr. Bleakman confirms this, but suggests that maybe Jetta could go down to the beach with Cosmo and act out a play or something. That evening, a lot of people on the island end up on the beach, spending time together with their friends and families. Then, lights go back on and Sheriff Lewis comes to say that the power's back on, so they can all go back home. But no one wants to leave. They say that they'll leave for a short while, to turn off things in their households that are taking up unnecessary electricity. But after that, they're returning to the beach. Sheriff Lewis, impressed, says that he might stop by himself. Emily Elizabeth comments to Clifford that when Mr. Bleakman was a kid, there were probably a lot of families and friends that spent time together at the beach and some things never change.moreless

  • That's Snow Lie / A Friend In Need

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 2 - 5/21/02

    "That's Snow Lie"

    Emily Elizabeth is sledding with her friend Charley. Charley has these new round sleds, but Emily Elizabeth's not really sure she wants to try it. She's never done it before and could end up looking silly. But with Charley's encouragement, she tries it and has a great time. Meanwhile, the dogs are down by a frozen pond. They're having fun "skating" on the ice. Mac shows everyone his "hop, hop and slide" trick and Clifford tries it too. Cleo doesn't seem to want to try it, but her friends all want her to. So, she tries it, but just ends up hitting the ice. Worried, the other dogs ask her if she's hurt. This gives her an idea. She says that she is, she hurt her paw. Looks like she won't be doing anything on the ice for a while. The dogs get a little suspicious when Cleo starts favoring one paw instead of the other. Wasn't it the other one that she hurt? Cleo says that it must be "spreading." Emily Elizabeth calls Clifford and he has to go home. He gives Cleo a ride. Back at home, Emily Elizabeth tells Clifford about how she was afraid to go on Charley's sled at first. Clifford connects that maybe Cleo is saying that she hurt her paw because she's afraid to go out on the ice. The next day, Cleo is having a grand old time playig at her house, when the other dogs arrive. She puts on her act about her paw being hurt, but this time it seems to have "spread" to her back paw as well. At the frozen pond, Cleo watches as her friends do neat tricks and says that she thinks she might like to try them. Clifford gently encourages that maybe her paw is feeling better. So Cleo gets out on the ice. She doesn't succeed at first, but with Clifford's help, she's soon doing as well as everyone else. She admits to everyone that she was just afraid she'd look silly and she didn't really hurt her paw.

    "A Friend In Need"

    Miss Carrington is asking for volunteers for Keep Birdwell Beautiful Day. She says someone is needed to help clean up the area around the bandstand and decorate it. Jetta volunteers. Miss Carrington asks who wants to help her, but Jetta says that she wants to do it all herself. Miss Carrington tells her it's a big job, but Jetta goes around with it anyway. So Emily Elizabeth decide to get the area down by the pier ready. It doesn't take them that long to this job, with Clifford helping out. They tell Clifford to see if there's anyone else around town that needs help. So Clifford finds Jetta. Jetta's having a terrible time with things. There's a whole bunch of leaves that need to be raked and she's nowhere near getting done. Plus, she still has to set up decorations. Clifford tries to help her with a large banner, but it's just not working. Emily Elizabeth and Charley show up. They ask her if she's okay. She says that she's not okay, as it's going to take forever to get her job done. They ask if they can help her, but she tells them she can do it herself. She goes home, as she needs a bath. Emily Elizabeth and Charley look around. Emily Elizabeth decides that despite what Jetta says, she really does need help. Charley's reluctant at first, but Emily Elizabeth convinces him and with Clifford's help, they get area ready. They'll be like "secret elves." They hide, Clifford too, and wait for Jetta to arrive. When Jetta arrives, she's amazed to see everything ready. She spies Clifford (who can never hide very well) and thanks him for helping out. Then, she overhears Emily Elizabeth and Charley talking. They come out and Jetta thanks them too. She knows she told them not to help her, but she's glad they didn't listen.moreless

  • Welcome To The Doghouse / Promises, Promises

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 32 - 10/10/01

    "Welcome To The Doghouse"

    Emily Elizabeth is with Clifford in his doghouse. She's looking at some pictures, which bring back memories of the time when he was just a puppy. She remembers back then that things were a lot different. Back then, he could fit in his food dish. Then, there was the time when he grew and they first came to Birdwell Island. She had a hard time with some things when they first came to Birdwell Island. It was a big job brushing him using a small little hairbrush. And feeding him took forever. But one of the biggest things was that he didn't have any doghouse. Each night, he would just sleep out in the yard and Emily Elizabeth would cover him with small blankets. It was definitely time to get him a doghouse. So Emily Elizabeth and her family clean out the garage, thinking it will make a great doghouse. Clifford tries it - but he himself stands taller than the garage! He tries to squeeze into it, but it's way too small for him. Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman come and see what's happening. They came over because their car broke down. They were hoping that Mr. Howard could give them a lift. Emily Elizabeth suggests that Clifford could give them a lift. Mr. Bleakman isn't sure, Clifford is so big. In the end, Clifford ends up pushing the Bleakmans' car to where they need to go. Emily Elizabeth decides that she needs some help to get a doghouse set up for Clifford. She goes to see Charley and Samuel, thinking that maybe they can help. When she gets there, there's a cat stuck in a tree. Samuel's worried that they may have to call the fire department. Clifford, however, lowers the tree branch, allowing the cat to be rescued. Samuel calls him a big help. He asks if there's anything he can do to help Clifford and Emily Elizabeth. Emily Elizabeth tells him about the need for a doghouse. Samuel suggests an old boathouse nearby. It's going to be torn down, but perhaps she can convince the people tearing it down to give it to her instead. By the time she gets there, though, the wrecking ball has already done its damage. The boathouse is demolished and there's no way it can be a doghouse now. Then, the wrecking truck driver gets stuck on a hill backing up. Clifford rescues him. Emily Elizabeth and Clifford continue to look all over town for a doghouse. But they just can't find anything anywhere. That night, Emily Elizabeth puts Clifford to bed again. She sleeps outside with him, saying that they just have to get him a doghouse. The next morning, Emily Elizabeth wakes up to the sounds of constructions. Mrs. Bleakman comes over and wakes her up. She takes Clifford's measurements. It turns out the entire neighborhood is pitching in to make Clifford a doghouse! Even Mr. Bleakman is involved, he paints Clifford's name. It's to thank him for being so helpful. Clifford heads into the doghouse and barks approvingly. He likes it.

    "Promises, Promises"

    Emily Elizabeth, Charley, Vaz and Jetta are out playing. Emily Elizabeth and Jetta have their dogs Clifford and Mac with them. Jetta has a new boomerang-type toy called a "squiggle stick," which she tosses. Clifford goes after it and catches it. He gives it back to Jetta, who complains about the dog slobber on it. Charley tells everyone about some baby seals who are at seal cove. Charley and Vaz want to go, but can't because they have other committments. Emily Elizabeth and Jetta, however, agree that they should go together. Emily Elizabeth says they can make a picnic. They agree to meet the next day. The next morning, Emily Elizabeth makes a lunch. She has to be careful, though, about Clifford trying to eat it. Clifford also makes preparations: he gathers a bunch of bones, to share with Mac. Emily Elizabeth waits outside for Jetta. Jetta shows up and tells her that Jenny Wincole from the fifth grade called. She wants Jetta to go with her to an amusement park called "Whoopie World" --- today! Jetta apologizes for canceling on Emily Elizabeth, but says that it's rare to get a chance to go to an amusement park with someone in the fifth grade. Emily Elizabeth decides to go to Seal Cove anyway. She has a great time there, whereas Jetta has a bad time, waiting. Plus, Mac is mad at her for canceling out. He wanted to be at Seal Cove with Clifford. At the Seal Cove, Emily Elizabeth enjoys the company of the seals but says that she wishes Jetta could have been there. Then, at Jetta's, Jetta's Mom comes up to her and says that Jenny Wincole called. She got another of her fifth grade friends to go to "Whoopie World" with her, so Jetta won't be going. Jetta thinks it's terrible that Jenny Wincole canceled out on her. Her Mom reminds her that's exactly what she did to Emily Elizabeth. Jetta decides that she has some apologizing to do. She goes with Mac to Seal Cove. She apologizes to Emily Elizabeth. Emily Elizabeth isn't too mad. They set up their picnic and Jetta even lets the dogs play with her squiggle stick.moreless

  • Doggie Garden / Captain Birdwell's Treasure

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 31 - 10/3/01

    "Doggie Garden"

    When Emily Elizabeth and her friends get excited about "Keep Birdwell Beautiful" month, the dogs do too. They decide to plant their very own garden. Clifford, T-Bone and Mac are content to plant flowers, but Cleo's insistent on trying to plant dog toys, having heard Clifford say that Emily Elizabeth said that "almost anything will grow on Birdwell Island." Can the other dogs convince Cleo to give up her dog toy idea and help them with a garden that everyone will enjoy?

    "Captain Birdwell's Treasure"

    While playing in the forest, Mac discovers a trunk. Thinking it might be a treasure chest, he and the other dogs drag it back into town. There, Jetta finds it and opens it. It's totally amazing- it's Captain Birdwell's lost treasure. Then Emily Elizabeth and Charley ask about and before Jetta can talk, they're giving Jetta credit for finding the chest. Jetta sputters and first, but then takes the credit, saying that the dogs only helped her carry it into town. But the longer things go on, the harder Jetta finds it to maintain her lie.moreless

  • Friends, Morning, Noon, and Night / Mr. Bleakman's Special Day

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 30 - 7/18/01

    "Friends, Morning, Noon and Night"

    Cleo has a big surprise for Clifford - she's going to be staying over at his house! Clifford at first is excited about this, it's nice to have someone stay over. Cleo, however, proves to be rather high-maintenance. She brings a whole bunch of her stuff over to Clifford's and tries to get Clifford to move his stuff over into a corner. She comes with Clifford when he picks Emily Elizabeth up from school, without asking if Clifford wants her to come along. When Emily Elizabeth is trying to do her homework, she makes all sorts of racket, such that Emily Elizabeth doesn't have any time to play with Clifford and her later in the day, only enough to read them a story - which Cleo chooses. The next morning, Emily Elizabeth is headed off to school. Clifford tries to wake Cleo, but she's sound asleep. So he goes off with Emily Elizabeth on his own. Cleo wakes up and notices that Clifford is gone. She sees him headed down the street and thinks that she's not wanted anymore. So she packs her stuff and starts to leave, until T-Bone stops her. T-Bone says that he's sure Clifford didn't want her to leave, it's that he needs time to be alone with Emily Elizabeth sometimes. Cleo apologizes to Clifford for thinking that he wanted to her to leave - how could she have been so silly? She then asks Clifford and T-Bone to unpack her stuff for her, and while they're at, take down some pictures of Emily Elizabeth so that she can put up some of her own. It's at this point that she really learns her lesson, that sometimes she needs to take Clifford's feelings into account and not just her own.

    "Mr. Bleakman's Special Day"

    Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are playing a nice game of ball. Everything is going well, until --- oh no, the ball lands in Mr. Bleakman's yard. Mr. Bleakman is not at all impressed. He's in a grumpy mood, has a lot of chores to do today and certainly doesn't want to put up with the dogs' racket. He takes the ball indoors, where it won't be a problem. This makes Cleo really mad. It's her ball and she wants it back. She figures she'll just go bark at Mr. Bleakman and make her give it back, but Clifford has another idea. Since Mr. Bleakman is so grumpy, why don't they be nice to him and help him with his work and then maybe he'll give the ball back. T-Bone concurs, citing some wisdom he heard from Sheriff Lewis. So the dogs get to work. They dig Mr. Bleakman's flower bed. Then they clean out his birdbath. Finally, they wash his car, with some help from Emily Elizabeth. Each time, Mr. Bleakman is flabbergasted. He doesn't know who it is who's doing his chores for him, but he really appreciates it. After everything's done, Mrs. Bleakman is surprised to find Mr. Bleakman in such a cheery mood. He explains about how all his chores were done for him. He has something else to do to, he gets Cleo's ball and returns it to her, still not knowing that it was the dogs who did the work all along. The dogs resume their ballgame, when... the ball goes over the fence again and into Mr. Bleakman's yard. This time, though, a cheerful Mr. Bleakman tosses the ball back and joins in the game.moreless

  • Who Me, Jealous? / A Bunny in a Haystack

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 24 - 7/10/01

    "Who Me, Jealous?"

    Cleo's playing with Mrs. Diller when she hears Mrs. Diller say "what a sweet little puppy you are." She's confused at first, but then she sees that Mrs. Diller is talking about an actual puppy. It's her sister's new puppy and she's babysitting it. Mrs. Diller asks Cleo to play with Susie, but Susie gets scared when Cleo barks at her. Mrs. Diller at first takes her away, but then tries again. This time, they race all through the house, creating a mess. Mrs. Diller puts Cleo outside so that Susie can calm down. Cleo wonders why she's the one that was put outside. Clifford and T-Bone come. Cleo tells them about Susie. She feels that Mrs. Diller likes Susie more than her because Susie's cuter than her. Clifford and Cleo try to tell her otherwise, but Cleo thinks differently when Mrs. Diller says of Susie that she's "the cutest puppy she's ever seen." She plays tug-of-war with Susie, but Mrs. Diller gets upset when Cleo pulls away the rope from Susie a bit too hard. They go to the park. There, everybody thinks Susie is cute when she plays in the water. Cleo wants to try it too. Clifford says that she probably shouldn't, as humans don't like the smell of wet dog. (Although he doesn't understand why, as he thinks they smell great when they're wet.) Cleo has Clifford help her to get wet. Then, she shakes herself off all over Mrs. Diller and Susie. This only serves to get Mrs. Diller upset, as Cleo should know that Mrs. Diller doesn't like it when she gets wet. They head home, Mrs. Diller saying that she needs to get Susie and Cleo dry. Outside of Mrs. Diller's house, Cleo tells Clifford and T-Bone that she's finally figured out why Mrs. Diller likes Susie better than her. It's because Susie's a puppy. So Cleo says that she's going to act just like she was when she was a puppy, doing things such as making a mess at dinner and chewing shoes. The idea of chewing shoes shocks T-Bone and Clifford. Knowing that this is a bad idea, they try to talk Cleo out of her plan. Just then, Mrs. Diller's sister comes to pick Susie up. Mrs. Diller comments that Cleo is her "big girl." She enjoyed babysitting Susie, but Susie is a real handful and she hopes that Susie could learn something from Cleo. She would like it if Susie could grow up to be like Cleo.

    "A Bunny in a Haystack"

    Emily Elizabeth introduces Clifford to Wally. Wally is her class's bunny and she's been asked to look after him. She asks Clifford to watch him, as she needs to help her parents at the store for a few hours. She talks about how sometimes in school they let him out of his cage and he bounces all over the place. Clifford fantasizes about this. She leaves Clifford, reminding him that looking after Wally is a lot of work. Clifford looks in Wally's cage and sees that Wally's just sleeping. He doesn't think looking after Wally is going to be much work at all. Cleo and T-Bone come and ask Clifford to go down to the beach with them. Clifford agrees at first and even begins to leave, but then he remembers Wally. He says he can't go and shows them Wally. Cleo and T-Bone wonder what kind of dog he is and Clifford has to tell them that Wally is a rabbit. Clifford figures he'd be lots of fun to play with, since he likes to hop so much. T-Bone doesn't think that's such a good idea, as he could hop away. Clifford, however, figures that they'll just hop after him. They open the cage and at first Wally just sits there, but then he hops out and before the dogs know it, he's away. They chase him into the park. They corner him in a log, but T-Bone gets stuck in the log. This gives Wally time to hop away. Cleo and Clifford bound after him, but not before getting T-Bone out of the log. They race up a steep hill, tiring them out. They hope to spot him from way up high. Clifford doesn't see him, so T-Bone and Cleo climb atop Clifford in order to look further. Then, Clifford sees Wally right under his nose. Once again, Wally hops away before they can catch him. Cleo corners him and then T-Bone. T-Bone chases him around and around, but only succeeds in making himself dizzy as Wally hops out of his grasp. Cleo decides that they need to think like rabbits. After thinking like a rabbit, Clifford realizes that Wally would probably be found in a carrot patch. Indeed, Wally has gone to a carrot patch. Now that he's there, though, he doesn't want to leave. They'll never catch him as long as he's there, but maybe they can bait him out. Clifford ties a carrot to his tail. With this, Clifford, T-Bone and Cleo lead Wally home and return him to his cage, then give him the carrot. Emily Elizabeth returns. She thanks Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone for watching Wally, oblivious to what transpired. She notes that Wally's probably getting bored being cooped up in his cage and that maybe she should take him out to play. After all, how much trouble could a cute, little bunny be?moreless

  • The Big Sleepover / Dog for a Day

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 22 - 7/6/01

    "The Big Sleepover"

    Emily Elizabeth is leaving on a ferry to go to her cousin's wedding. She explains to Clifford that he can't come along because her cousin is allergic to dogs. Clifford fantasizes. He's at the wedding. Right in the middle of the wedding vows, he sneezes. So maybe it's better that he doesn't go. Charley's going to be taking care of him for the day. Throughout the day, Clifford and Charley have a great time together. They have a race, which Clifford wins. They play baseball. Clifford hits the ball out of the park with one of his ears. They play frisbee with a garbage can lid. Finally, that night, they watch the sunset together. It's time for bed. Charley and Samuel have set up a special tent for Clifford and Clifford seems to like it. They go inside. But once they're inside, Clifford starts to miss Emily Elizabeth. He imagines her face in the moon and starts howling. Charley comes out. He realizes that this is the first time that Clifford's ever been away from Emily Elizabeth at night and he misses her. His howling wakes the entire neighborhood: Victor and Pedro (who sleep together in a bunkbed), Sheriff Lewis and T-Bone, Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman and more. They all head to Charley's to see what's the matter. T-Bone asks Clifford what's wrong and he tells him that he misses Emily Elizabeth. Mr. Carson has an idea. When he was young, his Dad would take him for a ride in a truck and that would put him to sleep. So he gets a big truck and puts Clifford in the cargo load. It works. As they drive along, Clifford dozes off. But when they return to Charley's, Clifford wakes up again. Mr. Bleakman's ready to give up, but Mrs. Bleakman has an idea. Mr. Bleakman should sing him a lullaby. He's reluctant at first, but tries it. Mrs. Bleakman and soon, everyone else, joins in. The lullaby only succeeds in putting everyone to sleep except Clifford. With everyone now sleeping around him, Clifford still can't sleep. Charley's awake. He tells Clifford that they're with him and they're going to stay right there until he falls asleep. Finally, with everyone around him, Clifford does fall asleep and sleeps through the night. In the morning, he's the first to wake up. Charley congratulates him sleeping through the night. Emily Elizabeth arrives. She notices everybody there and so they explain to her what happened. She hopes that Clifford wasn't too much trouble, but they agree he was none at all. It was kind of fun all sleeping through the night together.

    "Dog for a Day"

    Charley is helping Samuel with maintenance on the restaurant. He wants to go play, but Samuel has him doing things like mopping and stuff. He sees Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone playing and notes that they're having a lot of fun. Emily Elizabeth comes. She wants to ride bikes with Charley, but Charley is still mopping. Samuel comes out and congratulates him on a good job. He says they can ride bikes, but there's one more thing first. Charley dreads it, but actually Samuel just wanted to know if they wanted ice cream cones. He hands them vanilla and strawberry. Emily Elizabeth and Charley go and play soccer. The dogs join in and Cleo does some pretty neat tricks. Charley says that he wishes he could be a dog. Among other things, they don't have to go to school. Emily Elizabeth tells him that they do a lot of great things in school, but Charley still wants to be a dog. That night, before going to bed, Charley asks Samuel if he's ever wanted to be a dog. Samuel says that he did when he was a kid, but not anymore. Of course, if Charley wants to be a dog, he can always dream. So Charley does. He goes into a dream sequence in which he's a shaggy, small brown dog. He comments to himself that he had the weirdest dream the night before: he dreamt he was a dog. Samuel feeds him dog food and calls him a "good dog." Charley doesn't get it at first, but then sees his reflection in the water and figures out that he's a dog. He tries to help with the mopping, but Samuel tells him that dogs don't do chores and that he should go play with Clifford. This is right up Charley's alley. At the beach, Charley brags to Clifford about how he's a dog now. He says he's going to tell everyone in school. Clifford reminds him that now that he's a dog, he can't go to school. Charley likes that too: no homework. He has a race with Clifford, which Clifford wins. Charley tries to get on his bike, so that he can beat Clifford in the race, but Clifford reminds him that dogs can't ride bikes. Charley's next idea is to play basketball. But he can't get a hold of the ball and ends up popping it with his teeth. Well, how about soccer? Dogs can play soccer. However, when they reach the soccer field, Jetta, Emily Elizabeth and Vaz are there holding a practice. They won't let Charley or Clifford play because it's a practice for a game later in the day and they need to concentrate. Now Charley's starting to get annoyed. He thinks that maybe being a dog isn't such a good idea after all. Clifford tries to expound the virtues of being a dog. There's chasing your tail and jumping and all sorts of other things. Charley tells Clifford that being a dog may be good for him, but as Charley, he's kind of missing being a kid. He returns to Samuel, hoping for advice. But Samuel just treats him like a dog. Finally, Charley wakes up. He runs to the mirror and his happy to see that he's himself again. He offers to help Samuel with the mopping. After all, dogs can't mop and he likes himself just the way he is.moreless

  • Leaf of Absence / Nobody's Perfect

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 14 - 9/21/00

    "Leaf of Absence"

    Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are playing the park. It's fall and they're all having fun jumping in leaf piles. Clifford and Cleo both jump and then ask T-Bone why he isn't jumping in his pile. T-Bone explains that he's trying to create the biggiest, crunchiest leaf pile ever. His pile isn't big enough yet. He needs more crunchy leaves. So Cleo and T-Bone help in gathering up more leaves. Cleo makes a comment about it being a perfect way to spend a Saturday. This sets off a bell in T-Bone's mind. He realizes that he's supposed to be playing fetch with Sheriff Lewis today. He asks Clifford to watch the pile of leaves while he does that. Clifford agrees and T-Bone heads off. Now alone, Cleo and Clifford consider the leaf pile. Clifford thinks that it would really be great to jump in it. Cleo agrees at first and then realizes what Clifford is thinking. He doesn't want to jump in it, right now, does he? Cleo reminds him that he promised T-Bone to watch it. Clifford acknowledges this, but then he just can't help it and before Cleo can stop him he's jumped in the pile. Then, shortly after, a stiff wind blows away all the leaves. Cleo figures that they can just create a new pile. This doesn't work for Clifford though. He promised T-Bone to take of that leaf pile. Cleo notes that the leaves must be all over Birdwell Island by now. Clifford decides that they'll just have to go and find them all. They head off. They find one of them underneath a van. They find another stuck on a compass on top of a house. Some time passes and they head over to Clifford's with a bagful. One of the leaves flies into Mr. Bleakman's yard and into a trash can he's keeping leaves in. While Mr. Bleakman's turned the other way, Clifford grabs the trash can to get the leaves. Mr. Bleakman turns around and silently wonders what happened to the trash can. Clifford and Cleo get the leaf and then return the trash can without Mr. Bleakman noticing. So he's suprised when he turns around and there it is again. Finally, Cleo and Clifford head for the docks. There's the just one leaf left and they manage to claim it after it falls into a bowl of chips being eaten by a customer at the edge of the dock. Down by the shore, Clifford and Cleo are relieved that they've finally collected all the leaves. Then, suddenly, the wind blows one of them away. Despite Cleo's protests, Clifford bounds after it. He finally catches it, at the end of the docks, but then loses his balance and falls into the water, soaking the lady eating her chips and Cleo. They return to the beach once more, this time with all the leaves for certain. Back at the park, they dump them out, reforming the leaf pile. Clifford then says that he just wants to take one tiny jump. He promises. Cleo reminds him of what happened the last time he made a promise. Clifford admits that she's right and goes back to watching the pile. T-Bone returns. He's happy they watched the pile for him. Another wind comes, but Clifford protects the pile. T-Bone notes that the wind knocked down about a "million more leaves." He, Clifford and Cleo gather them up in the crunchiest pile ever. Then, to thank Clifford for watching the pile, T-Bone lets him jump in it. It's a tremendous crunch. The leaves are scattered again, but they don't mind. They'll just pile them back together. Clifford promises it'll be great.

    "Nobody's Perfect"

    Emily Elizabeth and her friends are playing soccer at school. Clifford is the goalie, but Charley manages to get the ball past him for a goal. Recess ends and their teacher announces that coming up Monday is "Silly Sports Day." She has the class draw for their acitivity to do on that day. Emily Elizabeth draws and gets the Feather Pillow Toss. Jetta draws and gets the Cream Pie Long Jump. At first, she doesn't want to do it, but then when Emily Elizabeth says that she got her picture in the paper for doing it last year, Jetta changes her mind and says it'll be perfect for her. Charley gets Jiggly Juggling. He's supposed to juggle three bags of jiggly gelatin. However, he says that it sounds to easy and that he's going to try to juggle six. Later that day at his Dad Samuel's restaurant, Charley is busy preparing gelatin. Samuel jokes that it's a lot of gelatin to eat and Charley explains that it's for "Silly Sports Day." He tries to demonstrate the juggling, but ends up spinning around too fast and dropping the bag on the floor, causing the gelatin to splatter. Samuel thinks Charley will be great at Jiggly Juggling, outside. Sometime later in the week, Emily Elizabeth is practicing the Feather Pillow Toss. She keeps throwing the pillow, but it just keeps blowing in her face. Then, she throws the pillow and it not only doesn't blow back, it sails way afar. Emily Elizabeth looks behind her and realizes that Clifford is blowing on the pillow. She tells Clifford that she appreciates it, but she wants to do this on her own. Then, Mary comes wheeling in, shouting that Charley is going to demonstrate Jiggly-Juggling. Charley gives a demonstration. He first does it with one bag, then two. However, when he gets to three bags, he ends up dropping them all. He tries a couple more times, but only succeeds in getting gelatin on himself. Charley continues to practice, but he just keeps dropping the bags. At one point, when Samuel comments that he's looking forward to Charley's event, Charley says that he's decided not to do it. It's too hard. Samuel says that juggling is rather hard. He then tries juggling some stuff himself and ends up cracking an egg on his head. He says that he never could master it himself. But it doesn't really matter because it's fun. Charley agrees that he's right and decides not to quit. The next day, Charley is practicing juggling down by the shore. Clifford is watching. He seems to have gotten pretty good with three bags, although he still drops them occasionally. He thinks for a moment about quitting again, but Clifford encourages him to continue trying. As Charley juggles, Clifford throws in a fourth bag. Charley stumbles at first, but then realizes that he's able to juggle four bags. Finally, the Silly Sports Day comes. Everyone watches as Charley juggles the three bags. Then Clifford tosses in a fourth one. Charley does okay with this, so Clifford tosses in a fifth one. Everyone's amazed as Charley retains his control with this. Then, Charley asks Clifford to toss in a fifth bag. Clifford's reluctant at first, but Charley tells him it's okay. The scene goes to slow-motion as Clifford tosses the bag. It lands in Charley's hand and now he's juggling six bags. Pretty soon, he loses control, but not before juggling them for a decent amount of time. He bows, saying "how's that for silly?" Then, someone notes that Jetta is doing the Cream Pie Long Jump. Everyone heads over to watch. Jetta successfully completes the jump, but wonders where the newspaper people are. Then, Clifford licks some of the cream off of her. Emily Elizabeth says that Jetta has one really big fan, Clifford.moreless

  • The Hunter

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 5 - 11/13/99

    The Voltron Force thinks that extra-dimensional beings sent a distress call and need help. Naturally, what awaits them isn't what they expected. Greeting their arrival is a new, biomechanical face – Kolak the hunter. Despite his pretenses, his race has a dark history, and he has evil plans for the Voltron Force. If they aren't careful, their very bodies with be altered with Stealth technology. It's up to Pidge to save his friends and foil Kolak's plans.moreless
  • Voltron vs. Dracotron

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 11/28/98

    Much to Lotor's anger, Voltron continues to prove as formidable as ever – if not more so. To that end, Lotor wants to fight fire with fire. There are five, dormant robot dragons that can form Dracotron, and he wants them fighting for him. Even Haggar fears the results, but she complies. In the later fight between lion and dragon, Dracotron easily outdoes Voltron. Unfortunately, it is stronger than Lotor and Haggar expected. Dracotron goes on a rampage against anything in its path – prompting an unlikely alliance between good and evil.moreless