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  • I grew up with 70's actor Scott Jacoby.

    Wow, I had a crush on 70's actor Scott Jacoby. I grew up with him; so, he is part of my childhood. I think Scott Jacoby is a cute guy! I like his personality and I love his acting ability. I still like Scott Jacoby very, very much and wonder what he is doing nowadays (2006). I wonder what his wife and children look like.

    My fave Jacoby movies are "The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane" and "Smash-Up On Interstate 5".

    I wish Scott would act again. He sure is worth watching. I think he is such a good actor and as I was growing up, he was always my "boyfriend". I was not into actors; but, Scott Jacoby had what it took to hook me. When I am into a celebrity, I am usually done with him when I see another movie (recent or old) of his because his character is not the same as the role he did that made me fall for him. He is totally different or looks different or acts weird or whatever. But, with actor Scott Jacoby, I recently saw his other movies---some I've never seen before---and I was still giggling and squeaking like a little school girl! Scott Jacoby still has what it takes to keep this woman hooked!

    Scott Jacoby, where are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!