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Scott Levy

Scott Levy


9/8/1964, Short Hills, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

Scott Levy



Also Known As

Scott Anthony, Scotty The Body, Johnny Polo, Scotty Flamingo, Raven
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Scott Levy (Raven) is an American professional wrestler, better known by his in ring name, Raven. He is also a former NWA and ECW World Heavyweight Champion.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Raven is the only man in the business to have an action figure as a member of WWE, WCW, ECW, and TNA rosters

    • On March 8th, 2008, Raven had a mini Flock reunion at the Indy Wrestling promotion, CWA.
      He, Lodi, Riggs with Sick Boy in their corner were triumphant in their match against Kimo, Phil Shatter and Damien Rios with Joey Nuggs.

    • Raven believes that psychology is missing in the wrestling business both on and off the screen.

    • On January 26th 2008, Raven won his fifth UXW Heavyweight Title in a match against former TNA wrestler, Ron Killings.

    • In January of 2007, Raven got married to a woman named Silena.

    • On June 20th, 1992, Raven won his one and only WCW Light Heavy Weight title where he defeated the late "Flyin'" Brian Pillman.

    • During his time in the now defunct Global Wrestling Federation, wrestling as Scott Anthony, fellow wrestler Diamond Dallas Page told the WCW promotion to give him a tryout match.

    • In 1989, Raven (known as Scotty The Body) wrestled for the Portland's Pacific Northwest promotion where he won the PNW Heavyweight Championship on 2 different occasions.

    • Before becoming a professional wrestler, Raven attended the University of Delaware studying Criminal Justice to become a lawyer

    • During his first stint in the WWF (1994), he was a manager named Johnny Polo who managed Adam Bomb and later on The Quebecers.

    • In March of 2002 Raven and his tag partner Hugh Morrus won the HWA (Ohio) Tag Team titles by defeating Lance Cade & Steve Bradley.

    • In 1988, as Scotty The Body he wrestled Jerry "The King" Lawler in the Memphis wrestling promotion to get a "date" with valet Missy Hyatt in a losing effort.

    • On December 12th, 2007, Raven participated in Russia 2 events for the Extreme Sports Fest event called "Proryv'".

    • Raven is among a handful of wrestlers who have been a part of the WWF/E, ECW, WCW and TNA promotions.

    • Raven held the now defunct WWF Hardcore Championship 27 times.

    • As the wrestler known as Raven, he's been billed from The Bowery.

    • When he was in the WWF in a non-wrestling role known as Johnny Polo, he was the manager for The Quebecers and Adam Bomb.

    • During his wrestling time in the now defunct Global Wrestling Federation (GWF), he was a part of a stable/faction known as The Cartel with fellow wrestlers Cactus Jack, Makhan Singh and Rip Rogers.

    • Rave n has created a few hardcore and/or NoDQ wrestling matches throughout his career. They are: The Raven's Rules Match, Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match, and the Hangman's Horror Match.

    • Raven won his first ever title and it was as a Tag Team with Top Gun for NWA Pacific Northwest in 1989.

    • Raven was trained by wrestling legends The Original Sheik, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Larry Sharpe.

    • Raven made his pro-wrestling debut on February 20th, 1988.

    • Levy is an alumnus of Theta Chi Fraternity, which he joined during his days at the University of Delaware.

    • As of 2006, Raven is the oldest NWA World Heavyweight Champion of the TNA era.

    • Along with Diamond Dallas Page, he appears in the music video to the song "Rising" by Stuck Mojo.

    • Raven claims he has gone to all of the concerts of the bands who's tour shirt he has. They have became an infamous part of his character's attire.

    • During his WCW career, Levy's theme music was an instrumental sound-alike of Nirvana's "Come as You Are". His current TNA theme borrows from this theme, as Raven considers it his definitive theme.

    • In ECW, MLW & ROH, Levy's theme music was The Offspring's "Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)".

    • Levy, along with Brian Azzarello, wrote Issue #14 of Spider-Man's Tangled Web, entitled "The Last Shoot". The comic was based around the professional wrestler (named Crusher Hogan) who Peter Parker defeated in the character's first appearance in Amazing Fantasy. Levy's influence is clearly seen by the insider's take on professional wrestling within the issue, including the use of kayfabe terminology.

    • Raven was the fourth of five wrestlers to win both the ECW and NWA World Heavyweight Championships.

    • Levy has a reported IQ of 143, and is a member of Mensa International.

    • Raven defeated Larry Zbyszko in a hair vs hair match at TNA Victory Road 2006.

    • Signature Move: Raven Effect DDT

    • Came into WCW for the second time as an outsider. He would show up and sit at ringside demanding to be signed to a contract (in reality he was already signed).

    • Won the NWA World Heavyweight title at TNA's June 19th, 2005 Slammiversary PPV. He held it until September of that year.

    • He is a former ECW champion, NWA Champion, WCW US champion, and WWE Hardcore champion.

  • Quotes

  • One of the greatest extreme wrestlers ever

    How would I describe Raven? Well, first I would say that he really is a talented wrestler. He isn't afraid to be extreme. This is what sets him apart from other wrestlers. He's made great contibutions is hardore wrestling on TNA. The Raven's Rules match and my personal favorite, the hangman's horror match. He invented both types of matches. And I've got to say, he really kicks ass during all his matches. He wrestled a great hangman's horror match with sabu a long time ago.

    In addition to that, he's actually been a writer for many of the wrestling promotions he's been to. And I must say, he's done a damn good job.

    One thing I want to quickly say is thank you Raven for not going to ECW. He would have committed career suicide there. As one of the ECW originals, I'm sure Vince tried to get him to join. If he went to WWECW, Vince would have kicked Raven's career down the toilet.

    Another thing I just find notable about Raven is not his wrestling ability. It's the fact that his IQ is get this, 143. Though a seemingly minor thing, it's just really nice to see a professional wrestler who actually has a brain (unlike those idiots Batista and Lashley). Thank you Raven for all you have done. May the WWE wisen up and start learning from some of the fine examples you have set.moreless
  • Future hardcore legend!!!


    Raven is a great worker and performer, he has been in wrestling for 17 years, he helped the business in all this time and received much much much less.

    In ECW he developed his great character and was one of the main wrestlers of Philadelphia's federation; then he went in WCW and formed a Raven's Flock but his run has been a flop; in 2000 he came back in Extreme Championship Wrestling and then he went in WWE after ECW failed.

    There, Vince McMahon in my opinion destroyed the Raven's character transforming him in a pure jobber, disrespecting his career.

    And finally, on Jaunray 22nd 2003, he came to TNA attacking NWA Champion Jeff Jarrett and that was his resurrection which came to an end on June 19th 2005 when he won his first-ever NWA World Heavyweight Title. Now he's looking for revenge on "The King of the Mountain" and AMW who cost him the championship at the "Controversy in Canada" on September 15th 2005.

    As I said in the summary, he deserves to become an hardcore legend in this sport IMHO.