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  • Awsome actor.

    This actor is rely good at what he dose. I mean I couldn't tell that Owen and Trent where vocied by the same guy. He has done alot in anamation. I think his best roles are in Total Drama Island (Trent/Owen) and Time Warp Trio (Fred). I think It's amazing how he can make his voice sound so diffrent. Usaly with actor who do the vocies of cartoons you can tell right away that they are vocied by the same person, but like I said with Scott I had no clue. He has been in many anamatied shows over the years. I think He is one of the best voice actors ever.
  • Very decent writer

    This guy helped out a lot with the Total Drama series and all I can say is, he is very talented at working on the show. He really put a shine on it.