Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil


9/15/1962, Brisbane, Australia

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Scott Mcneil, Scott McNiel, Scott McNeill
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Scott was born in Brisbane, Australia and later moved to Vancouver, Canada. He began acting at the age of 3 and fell in love with the theater. He went to theater school after high school where he met soon-to-be fellow voice actor Ted Cole.

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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • While Scott was reciting Dinobot's final words for the Beast Wars episode, Age of Heros, he kept getting interrupted by the people in the sound studio who kept on laughing and Scott actually told them, with Dinobot's voice, "Do you mind? I'm trying to die here!"

    • Scott mentioned he might have gotten the part of voicing Hoeinheim in FullMetal Alchemist because of his physical and facial resemblance. He sported a ponytail and a beard, and was just missing a bit of shaving around the beard, and Hoeinheim's braids. The video interview is found as a Extra on the Fullmetal Alchemist DVD Volume 13.

    • He is actually good friends with all the voice actors he has met, even those who are not in Vancouver.

    • Scott's agent is Lauren Levitt and Associates.

    • Scott was in FullMetal Alchemist, however, that is a FUNimation production and Scott primarily only works with the Ocean Group or other Vancouver based production companies.

    • Scott is an official member of the Risembool Rangers. Which is Vic Mignogna's fan club.

    • He went to theater school with Ted Cole, who would later star with him in Gundam Wing.

    • At many if not most conventions Scott is requested to do the "Duo scream"; the scream of his character from Gundam Wing when his gundam is blown up.

    • At Akon, he signs this one twinkie to prove they never go bad.

    • He played the voice of the Evil Masked Figure in the movie Scooby Doo 2. However, when the villian was unmasked it was not Scott.

    • He tried to get walk on roles for the X-Men movies. Due to the fact that he was Wolverine in X-Men: Evolution. However the producers decided that they wanted to be seperate from the cartoons and not have any voice actor in their movies. So Scott was not granted his request.

    • He took "The Cucumber Song" from The Brak Show and sang it in his Piccolo voice (from DBZ). This quickly became a fan favorite.

    • Scott tends to spend a lot of time with his fans. So much to the point that waiting in line for his autograph takes a very long time.

    • Has said on many occasions that he became addicted to World of Warcraft and would play until the sun was rising. He then realized he hadn't slept and he had to be in the studio in an hour.

    • Scott McNeil has actually used so much energy while dubbing DBZ that he has actually passed out on more then one occasion

    • His nearly-permanent attire is a cowboy hat, jeans, and a flannel shirt, with varying styles of head and facial hair.

    • provided the voices for most of the imperial guard, space marine chaplin and chaos sourcer in Warhammer 40,000 dawn of war winter assault

    • Even though he never heard of the show Codename Kids Next Door, he did agree to take copies of a couple of KND fanfiction in which he is supposedly playing one of the fan-made characters.

  • Quotes

    • Scott: (after being asked if he has ever been groped by a fan) ...But yeah I have come home with a few odd fingerprints and bruises...(pauses with a smirk) I am trying to look unhappy about isn't working...

    • Scott: (About fellow voice actor Brad Swaile who played Nightcrawler on X-men: Evolution) Plus he looks just like nightcrawler! ...Except for the blue part... he's got three toes and a tail...

    • Scott: Water, water's for ameteurs... and thirsty people... much like food and sleep.

    • Scott: (wearing Wolverine gloves and speaking in his Wolverine voice at a convention) Don't make me go Canadian on your ass!

    • Scott: (as Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z) I'm a cucumber, I'm a cucumber, I'm a cucumber, but please don't put me in the... dance break (dances) pickle jaaar.

    • Scott: (as Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • Scott: (talking about getting along with the other voice actors) We all live in a really big house with lots of rooms, we just play all day and everything's wonderful and there's little pixies...look, there's one now.

    • Scott: (talking about how Escaflowne was edited for TV) We shall all bow our heads for the good parts of Escaflowne that ended up on the censor's floors...

    • Richard Ian Cox: First you listen to the voices in your head...
      Scott: And you sort out the ones that tell you to do bad things...

    • Scott: (talking about this Twinkie that he signs every year he has been at this convention) That Twinkie will outlive all of us... ALL of us... till when there is nothing left but Twinkies and cockroaches on this planet...

    • Scott: (talking about Inuyasha) Then I just like Shippo cause Shippo's cool...

    • Scott: (talking about his character on Inuyasha) I just wanna pull Koga aside and have a word with him... I would go... Koga... you got this thing in your head that Kagome will be your mate! SHE'S UNATTAINABLE DUDE! Then you have beautiful sweet lovely Ayame going... "Oh please will you marry me?" (At this point a fan shouts out "Yes!" and gets a laugh. Scott atempts to ignore it) and I am like dumbass... go there!

    • Scott: (holding a twinkie and talking about getting the Twinkie through Canadian Customs)Well, I do have this Twinkie...(as the Canadian Customs)we are not letting you back into're just too strange...

    • Scott: If I stuck this Twinkie in the bell of the speaker... and yelled really loud... do you think we could launch the Twinkie? (everyone laughs) The sound guy is looking at me and going, if you do that to my speaker I will hunt you down and kill your ass... you're in Texas we all have guns!

    • Scott: (on voice acting) I mean think about it... we go into small padded rooms and scream for a living... most people call that therapy... I call it catharsis...

    • Scott: (about his Krypto role, in goofy voice) I get to play Batman's dog!

  • Scott Mcneil...the man if 1,000 voices! The man I consider...then next Mel Blanc!

    When I first heard Scott Mcneil I was too young to realize who he was, or even that there was a person playing that part. It was in The New Adventures of He-Man when I was just a little 4 year old girl. As time went on, I was unknowingly a fan of this man named Scott Mcneil. In 1996 I found a show called Beast Wars. He was Rattrap, Dinobot, Waspinator, and Silverbolt. These three voices were so different yet they were all him. It is strange to believe even to this day that he is in fact all four of those characters. I still had done no research on Scott as a person yet and still didn't know that he was even in existence. Then I found the anime known as Monster Rancher, where Scott played Suezo. This voice did somewhat remind me of Rattrap but I did not really think that he was the same person. Then when the anime thing really came in and I saw Gundam Wing and Inuyasha I realized that this guy had been in my life since 1990. I finally did the research and found out that this man was the most talented voice actor in the world. He can change his voice in an instant and he is as nice as can be to all the fans he comes across. He is an amazing actor and we are only lucky to have him around! He is in fact the best voice actor (if not actor) in the world!moreless
  • I've been practically InLoVe with this guy since I was like about 10 lol!!!!!

    I know its weird but I loved his voice FoReVeR and could pick it out of ANY cartoon I watched that he voice acted in, I was always able to tell which voice was his even without knowing he was even a voice acter for that cartoon. Then in 2004, I saw him at Otakucon in miami and almost fainted. He WaS HoT lmao!!! If you wanna see a picture of him, you can go to my myspace page and see him in my picture section. It's ^ just a side note, this review box, for sum reason, puts a space in my myspace name so when you cut and paste that link, it wont work. Just replace iamtheman da with iamthemanda and it will work.moreless