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Scott Mechlowicz

Scott Mechlowicz


1/17/1981, NYC, New York

Birth Name

Scott David Mechlowicz



Also Known As

Scott Mechlowicz
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Scott Mechlowicz was raised in Texas. In 2001 he moved to Los Angeles. Scott graduated UCLA. He is most recognized as Scotty in EuroTrip. He has also played in Neverland, Mean Greek and Peaceful Warrior.


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  • Summary of the movies where he played and what character his was.

    Scott David Mechlowicz is a very talented actor. He as played in 6 projects. Probably you know him from Eurotrip. He was the main male role in there. Her character name was Scott too. He has starred in Neverland, Mean Greek, House M.D, Peaceful Warrior and Gone. His very first role was in Neverland. He played there man named Smee. His second role was in Mean Greek. He had much bigger role in this movie than in the first. His latest movie was Gone. He played Taylor in this movie. Some people say that he looks like asBrad Pitt and some say he looks like as Scott Foley.moreless
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    Now, I've 'only' given him 3.5 stars out of 5 because I haven't seen that much of him yet (and frankly there isn't much out of him yet either). But I have a feeling that Scott Mechlowicz can get pretty big of an actor if, and only if, he chooses his movies with care. I think it would be very tempting for a young guy like him to pick 'easy' movies like Eurotrip instead of niche films like Mean Creek.moreless