Scott Menville

Scott Menville


2/12/1971, Malibu, California, USA

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Scott David Menville


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Scott Menville is a Los Angeles based actor who has specialized in voicing teenage boys, such as the lead character Robin in Teen Titans. He also voiced Freddy Flintstone for a season in The Flintstone Kids, and also voices young adults in cartoons, anime, and video games. On-screen…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • A brillant voice, for brilliant characters! Ace's all around!

    Tekkonkinkreet. Black. Really that is all there is to say, but since there is a 100 word count minium:

    I must admit i am a fan of the character's he plays, but i know i wouldn't feel that way if it weren't for the fantastic voice behind the words. I pray one day that I will get to meet him and get an autograph. .o0(I may die from the joyous shock but it will be worth it) If anyone knows if he is going to any conventions, hit me up on facebook. I would really like the opportunity to get a signature....Any way back to the review, he's got amazing voice control, handling grunts and attacks well, which others fail at miserably. Plust he manages to play that one age group that most people could never pass off. He truly is talented!moreless
  • Scott is amazing for Robin!

    Scott has a very good Role fro Teen Titans and stars as the Leader of the Gang and one of the Main Characters! He's been known for being involved a lot with Batman and Batman Adventures! So for Teen Titans, I think having Robin along with the voice Actor was a Superb Addition! It's one of the things that made Teen Titans more famous! One of the beginning Stories in the earlier Episodes was that Robin was eager to figure who Slade is, and to try to stop the crazy villian, and he does what he can to try and stop him, even if it meant joining the dark side as an unknown character such as Red X in Episode Number Nine: Masks! Fortunately for Robin Slade was conquered in Episode number Twenty-Six! Slade actually did make some return Appearances though like in Episode Thirty-One: The Haunt! So Robin is sure looks busy finding out about these Villians!moreless