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  • A brillant voice, for brilliant characters! Ace's all around!

    Tekkonkinkreet. Black. Really that is all there is to say, but since there is a 100 word count minium:
    I must admit i am a fan of the character's he plays, but i know i wouldn't feel that way if it weren't for the fantastic voice behind the words. I pray one day that I will get to meet him and get an autograph. .o0(I may die from the joyous shock but it will be worth it) If anyone knows if he is going to any conventions, hit me up on facebook. I would really like the opportunity to get a signature....Any way back to the review, he's got amazing voice control, handling grunts and attacks well, which others fail at miserably. Plust he manages to play that one age group that most people could never pass off. He truly is talented!
  • Scott is amazing for Robin!

    Scott has a very good Role fro Teen Titans and stars as the Leader of the Gang and one of the Main Characters! He's been known for being involved a lot with Batman and Batman Adventures! So for Teen Titans, I think having Robin along with the voice Actor was a Superb Addition! It's one of the things that made Teen Titans more famous! One of the beginning Stories in the earlier Episodes was that Robin was eager to figure who Slade is, and to try to stop the crazy villian, and he does what he can to try and stop him, even if it meant joining the dark side as an unknown character such as Red X in Episode Number Nine: Masks! Fortunately for Robin Slade was conquered in Episode number Twenty-Six! Slade actually did make some return Appearances though like in Episode Thirty-One: The Haunt! So Robin is sure looks busy finding out about these Villians!
  • Scott Menville is known for doing voice acting in animated TV, movies and video games, usually as kids or young adults

    I think I first heard Scott Menville's voice on shows like "Rugrats" a long time ago, but I never really knew who it was. After a while, there was Teen Titans, which I like but still didn't really know about him. But it wasn't until I found out about his role in the awesome video game Tales of Symphonia (a must-play game for any RPG fan) did I get interested in his work. Simply put, he is among my all-time favorite voice actors.
  • Scott Menville is the voice of many, including Robin of Teen Titans.

    Though he is no superstar, he does an excellent job with voicework. His work as teenage boys/young adults is great. I espescially think he did a wonderful job as the voice of Robin on Teen Titans. He is a very talented actor and voice actor, who has voiced and acted out many different roles. He also did a good job as Dwayne on Full House. He has done a lot of voice acting and acting. In my humble opinion, he is very talented, and I hope he continues voice acting/acting. I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing him portray and watching him act some of my favorite characters on television.
  • Awesome Guy.

    I can't think of anything to say when I hear him do Robin. He has become the best Robin out there to date. Not just Robin, but also Duane from 'Full House'. He definitely stole the show in that episode. He pretty much put the whole cast to shame. Not only was he talented, but he was also very funny. He was great in 'Ernest Goes to Camp', playing a smart-mouthed, arrogant, juvenile-delinquent. He stole the show in that too. I hope he continues to act and voice-act. I can't wait for 'The Batman' in September when he steps-up to do Robin again. I know he will do a great job.
  • In my oppion he has a voice I can reconize in a matter of 2 words no matter how quickly they are spoken, yes some times it's harder but I just love his voice.

    My favoret voice he does is Robin and Red x in Teen Titans, he often will use his "Robin" voice in other roles such as 2 i have heard and recoinized (imdatly) in Avatar the Last Air Bender. But some timms I have no slue it's him that is how well he can chage his vioce yet he also has the skill to use the same voice but differently which is really cool
  • Amazing voice!

    I know Scott mainly as Robin on Teen Titans (although, I am also familiar with Duane on Full House). He has awesome voice that makes Robin... well, Robin. Considering Robin wears a mask, the voice has to be a big part of the role, and I haven't ever seen one where Scott Menville didn't pull it off perfectly. "Titans, Go!" is definently never the same when said by anyone else! Go Scott!
  • He provides the voice of Robin in Teen Titans and does voices in many other shows. He is pretty good, but not the best.

    When he voices Robin on Teen Titans, he makes him sound brave and smart, which is what Robin should sound like. He does okay voice acting for other shows, but he could have done better. Teen Titans is the show he should stick with voice acting. A shame it's ending, though. Oh, well. He is a talented voice actor for Robin in Teen Titans.