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  • The Words, Perfect and undeniably Hot as well as AMAZING are such an understatement when it comes to Scott Paterson

    Scott Paterson makes me believe in romance again. everyone may think he's a jerk on Degrassi but really you know to get past his hot, bad ass exterior and into his even HOTTER, cuter inside bits that make me feel all gooey around the edges.
    i was so jealous of Johnny's and alli';s relationship on Degrassi- everyone thought Johnny was ugly. but that was only based on his look. i think Johnny is hot as based on his personality and everything about him makes me tingle.
    Scott Paterson isn't in season ten of degrassi and that it a way big let down for me- him and Alli's storylines were the only reason i was still hanging onto Degrassi
    Will degrassi still rock?
    Will i even consider watching season 10?
    i can seriously not even begin to fathom the damage they've made to season 10 already just by not putting Scott Paterson as one of the characters it is a major let down to me.