Scott Paulin

Scott Paulin


2/13/1950, Steubenville, Ohio, USA

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  • Seriously, this guy is an amazing actor! There should be a show called "Tribulations of the Rash Guy." I would watch every week.

    Scott Paulin is an amazing actor. I remember he was in an episode of LOST once, "Solitary," and he played a hypochondriac guy with a rash who was always asking Jack about it. Even though Scott was acting, he really made you think he had an actual rash! I couldn't tell if he did or didn't! That's how good he is! I was thinking to myself, "man, is Matthew Fox actually giving this guy cream for his rash!? He should because I totally think he has one!" The itching and the scratching! It was SO real! I really hope he gets another rash soon so he can resume his role.moreless
  • He's a legend, an actor who's skills are beyond comprehension.

    Scott Paulin brings one of the most awe-inspiring performances ever brought to mankind via the television in his incredible performance as The Rash Guy in the ABC series Lost. This man owns the screen as he shrieks "Are you guys playing golf?!" That will go down as one of the most memorable lines of not only Lost, but television, ever. The Rash Guy is the most original, compelling, mysterious, imaginative, incredible, awesome, amazing, extraordinary, and moving characters in television's history. Words cannot describe how much the universe thanks Scott Paulin for his impeccable performance as The Rash Guy. Simply incredible.moreless