Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson


11/22/1979, Basildon, Essex, England

Birth Name

Scott James Timothy Robinson



Also Known As

Scott 5ive
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Scott was born on 22nd November 1979 to Mick and Sue Robinson. He has two older sisters named Nicola and Hayley. He expressed a desire to entertain at a young age and his parents sent him to the renowned Sylvia Young Stage School in London. This paid off…more


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    • Scott: I go funny when I see a nice belly button.

    • Scott: I'll sleep anywhere! The other day I curled up in the floor of the studio. It was sooo comfy...

    • Scott: When you're on stage you don't really think about anything at all. My mind always wanders off to stuff like toast and pizza.

    • Scott: I'm not a victim of fashion. I'll wear whatever's laying on the floor.

    • Scott: I reckon I'd cry if I ever lost Gizmo.[his stuffed toy]

    • Scott: So many boy band dress the same - like they're in school uniform!

    • Scott: I'm a gabber! I'll talk for hours, only stopping to eat and sleep!

    • Scott: Back to the Future ruled!

    • Scott: I didn't like dating people from my school because it's boring, isn't it? If you touch them in class you'd get sent out for being rude!

    • Scott: I once accused my best mate, Scott of going off with my girlfriend. I gave him a really hard time. But the next day I bumped into him and realized straight away I was wrong and that I'd been out of order.

    • Scott: She was called Amy. I was really young and it was when I was in Spain on holiday with my mum and dad. There was a song called Oh Donna out at the time and I changed the words to Oh Amy. She used to get embarrassed by my cheesy lyrics."

    • Scott: I'd get really turned on if a girl went out and bought a load of sexy lingerie then came home and paraded around in it for me. She could give me a private show and perhaps allow me to get the camera out and take some sexy snapshots for our private photo collection!

    • ScottPeople say that I make them laugh. I talk a lot too!

    • Scott: It's weird that people rate me as being a good-looking lad. I don't get it, cause I'm just normal. I don't class myself as a popstar.

    • Scott: I'll leave that to the girls to decide. But its easy to tell if she enjoyed it. And ive always satisfied my girlfriends, so I've never had to be worried.

    • Scott: I think the most important thing is trust. I love to have a kiss and a cuddle and to lie with someone rather than having sex.

    • Scott: I think about sex alot. Any boy who says he doesn't is a liar. I reckon I have dirty thoughts around every three minutes.

    • Scott: Lads get them anytime. When you're least expecting it. You're like, 'Oh dear, I'm standing to attention,' and it's for no reason at all.

    • Scott: I was 17 when I lost my virginity, which I reckon is quite old for a boy. Well, it is with my mates. Anyway, it was with a girl and I enjoyed it. That's all I'm saying.

    • Scott: When I was 13 I was rushed to the hospital with appendicitis and if they hadn't taken it out then, it would've burst and I could've been a goner! I was really, really ill. The stitches were really small and when I went to have them out, but as they pulled them out it all sort of ripped open-it was really disgusting, and look at the size of my scar now!

    • Scott: I haven't actually got that much of a hairy chest really, especially considering I'm right hairy demon everywhere else! The first thing I remember was getting a snail trail-you know, the bit under your belly button-when I was about 14. Have I got a hairy bottom? That's a bit cheeky, ain't it? But since you ask, err yes, actually I have!

    • Scott: I don't think you should be able to see too much flesh. I wouldn't like to go out with a girl who was always wearing small dresses-that should wait until we're alone. Then touch becomes my favorite sense, because I'm quite physical really. I like to do all that kissing and cuddling stuff.

    • Scott: I should wear glasses for reading, actually.

    • Scott: The smell of coconuts makes me want to heave! I once used this coconut shampoo by accident and I couldn't get rid of the smell for ages!

    • Scott: I like a girl wearing perfume, but every girl has got their own smell and that's more important. I really like smelling a girl's hair. Basically, I like a good clean-smelling girl.

    • Scott: I hate most foods, and I don't eat any vegetables.

    • Scott: I like pizza with cheese, tomato and ham. I'm a very fussy eater.

    • Scott: I like kissing a girl's stomach, and her neck! I like having my stomach kissed too.

    • Scott: Let's just say if I'm with a nice young lady, I know all the right places to touch!

    • Scott: There was this fan in my French exam-not a girl fan, a whirly fan!-and it was annoying me 'cos it kept clunking. But instead of just turning it off like a normal person, I whacked it and broke it. The teacher went mad and said to me, 'Get out and don't make eye contact with anyone on your way.' So because she'd said that, I made eye contact with everyone. (Shadily) I was a bit naughty at times.

    • Scott: Because I'm dyslexic, exams were a nightmare for me at school. I was so hacked off in one that I scribbled all over the exam sheet and wrote 'I'm a fish', then signed my name. The exam was meant to be two hours long, and I had an hour longer than everyone else because of my dyslexia, but after ten minutes I said, 'I'm going now,' and got up and left. The teacher was like, 'But you've still got two hours and 50 minutes left,' and I said, 'Look, even if you give me three days, I'm not going to be able to finish it. I don't know anymore answers." (Sadly) It was awful.

    • Scott: I'd been at the Sylvia Young School for a while when this kid called Renarto Clementa joined. All the teachers told him to stay away from me, but he became my best friend instead! We had a real laugh, but soon we started getting into a lot of trouble. In the end, things got so bad that he ended up being expelled-and he'd only been there a week! I felt really responsible and guilty. (Thinks) I'm not sure why I wasn't expelled...

    • Scott: I wrote a song to a girl when I was little. 'I had a girl, Amy was her name, since I've been going out with her, I never felt the same, 'cause I love my girl, Amy you're the world.' And she lived in Lee, so I sang, 'Where can she be, down in old Lee.' I sung it to her and I remember kissing her. I was nine years old.

    • ScottI never really liked school until I was a third-year senior. I left and went to an acting school, which was three days of academic and two days of acting, singing and dancing. So on the three days I just did whatever, and on the other days when I could act and stuff - I was probably one of the best students there.

    • Scott: I dreamt I was the sixth Spice Girl-Spiky Spice! Geri was J in a nasty wig! When I told him in the morning, he swung for me!

    • Scott: I never, ever thought that I was anything special, but because I'm in a band now, people assume I think I'm great and that I'm really big-headed. Nowadays, I get aggro just walking down the street. For instance, people will point and say, 'Look at him with his spiky hair and earrings...who does he think he is?' And my sister gets hassle as well. If she's walking down the street with me, people assume that she's my girlfriend, and girls start calling her names and being really horrible to her. It's so unfair, you know...But I have to admit, I've been guilty of judging people in the past myself-I did it with Peter Andre. Before I knew him, I thought he really loved himself because he was always getting his chest out. It wasn't until I met him that I realised he was a genuinely nice bloke...Whether it's good or bad, everyone's got an opinion of me, now that I'm famous. If I'm in the pub or something, blokes will start looking me up and down and slagging me of to their mates without bothering to find out what I'm like as a person. So all I want to say to people is: come and talk to me, and if you don't like me once you've got to know me, that's fine. But at least give me a chance to prove I'm nothing like you think.

    • Scott: Be nice to people on your way up because you might need them on your way down.

  • I love Scott!

    Scott is probably one of the nicest and most gorgeous people in the world ever! He was the best looking member of 5ive and is still very good looking! He was in Boogie Nights 2 which is a musical based on the 1980's. He played the hugely hilarious role of Terry and was amazing at it! Scott was a great actor and was great singing in 5ive!
  • Go see Boogie Nights 2 now!

    Scott was my favourite member of 5ive and over the years he has just got better looking. He's currently in Boogie Nights 2, a musical based on the 80's. He plays the fantastically brilliant Terry. Terry is an absoulute legend (mainly because of his jumpers and the fact that Noel Edmonds is his hero!). I went to go see this show and I met Scott! He is such a sweet and lovely person and had loads of time for the people outside the stage door. If you can go see Boogie Nights 2! Chill Out!moreless