Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp


8/8/1973, Orlando, Florida

Birth Name

Anthony Scott Flippen



Also Known As

Scott Alan Stapp
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Scott Stapp has has a son named Jagger Micheal Stapp.
He has long brown hair and brown eyes and sings in the band Creed. His son is 9 years old.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Scott has his own clothing company called Screamline.

    • Scott has his own charity called With Arms Wide Open Foundation that helps to create healthy parent-child relationships.

    • When Scott was touring with Creed, his addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs became worse. He eventually checked himself into rehab to try and cure his addictions.

    • After being split up for five years, Scott has gotten back together with his former band mates and they have revived the band Creed and are starting to tour in 2009.

    • At one point in his career, Scott caught pneumonia and developed nodules on his vocal chords that almost ended his career.

    • The first album that Scott did with Creed, My Own Prison, had four number one hits and made history by become the first debut album to have four number one Rock song hits.

    • Scott did a special show on the deck for the USS Ronald Reagan for the U.S. military.

    • Scott's third album with Creed, "Weathered", spent a record tying eight weeks at number one on the music charts and actually started at number one and in those eight weeks, the album sold over five million copies.

    • Scott's song, "With Arms Wide Open", was Creed's first number one pop song and also won the band a Grammy award for "Best Rock Song".

    • Scott studied law at Florida State University before dropping out to pursue his music career.

    • Scott's band, Creed, broke up in 2004 and they reformed the band again without Scott.

    • Scott's parents are Steven and Lynda Strapp and he has four sisters.

    • Scott was in an automobile accident on April 19, 2002 in which he suffered whiplash, a concussion, and a bulged disks in his neck and back.

    • Scott's seven year old son, Jagger, was the best man at Scott's second marriage when he married Jaclyn.

    • Scott wrote the song "With Arms Wide Open" when he found out that he was going to be a dad.

    • Scott's first solo album, "The Great Divide", was released on November 22, 2005 and the main theme of the music was his Christian faith.

    • Scott attended Lee University in Tennessee to try and impress his father but wound up getting kicked out of the school because he was caught smoking marijuana.

    • Scott says that the music group "The Doors", in particular lead singer Jim Morrison, were his primary musical influence.

    • Scott gets arrested en route to his honeymoon in Hawaii. He was stopped from boarding a plane at Los Angeles International Airport. His alcohol blood level was 0.18, twice the legal limit.

    • He married to Hillaree Burns for 16 months before divorcing in 1999. Stapp retained sole custody of their only child, Jagger.

    • He is the vocalist for the band Creed.

  • Quotes

    • Scott: It's weird. You can sell millions of records, be showered with all this love and admiration and still feel despised and unwanted. That's what I felt. I've made a lot of mistakes I'm not proud of.

    • Scott: (talking about getting the band, Creed, back together) I wouldn't call it a reunion. It's a renewing and a rebirth. I missed my boys and wanted to create music with them again. We're all thrilled to have a second chance to make a first impression.