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    • Scott Valentine: (on learning the lines of Nick Moore) ...literally there were times where I only had to utter two guttural utterances in a show and they paid me a bundle of cash for it. I felt bad at times.

    • Scott Valentine: (on playing a lovable monosyllabic idiot) After awhile I felt as if I was acting with Saran Wrap on me.

    • Scott Valentine: (on landing a job with an established TV show, rather than a new show) ... we get that plethora of lovely programming in the fall known as the new season, of which maybe five percent are good shows.... to go on an established show makes it all that much easier. Especially if at the time when the show was just skyrocketing to number one. I was very lucky. I was very, very lucky.

    • Scott Valentine: (on his choice of movies following Family Ties) I would not have done [My Demon Lover]. If I had more knowledge I would have taken a very small part in a very well respected film, and not to seem as audacious as that, "yes I could carry a film and I'm going to jump over to this side of the fence like that" with the snap of a finger.