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  • He's amazing!

    Scott Weinger was born in 1975 and he is a very talented person in my opinion. He is commonly known as being Steve Hale on the hit sitcom show, Full House. He played DJ's boyfriend. He ate way too much and you would probably see him with food in his mouth. He is also a wrestler. He appeared in Season 5 once, Season 6 in almost every episode, Season 7 most of the episodes except for the last few when they broke up, and in Season 8 in the series finale. All in all, he is an awesome actor! He rocks!
  • This dude has so many talents.

    Okay so he's an actor, writer, and does voices of varies cartoons. Best know for re a guest starring on full house as steve. Also doing the voice of addlin on the disney channel show now showed on toon disney. I don't watch a addlian but i hear thats its a good show. Full house his character ate a lot but he was okay with me. Now for the writing he wrote some stuff for what i like about you and thats my show right there so he's okay with me. Even though i'm not sure which one he wrote.
  • Scott Weinger! He is AWESOME. The \"stomach\" of Full House and he is the voice of Alladin?!?! Cooliohh!

    When I watch Full House, Scott Weinger is always there. Even after he was temporarilly
    removed, he came back in the Final Episode. He is known on Full House for eating as much food as possible. Scott Weinger is one reason I love Full House so much. The producers chose the best characters for teh show! Well what is Scott doing right now? Is he writing? Acting? Guest Starring in shows I watch now? I might not even know it! Scott Weinger is so talented and I just realized he played the voice of Alladin! It is so cool! It is!!
  • too talented...

    One thing can be said about Scott- he went out strong. I do miss him. Kids all around will know his voice. Playing Aladin is something that can never be forgotten. Then he played Steve (DJ's love interest) on Full House. I hope that he will soon land an amazing role so that we all may see more of him!
  • An amazing actor!

    Scott Weinger is an amazing actor that should have his own show! He proved his talents on Full House acting as Steve. He can be good, funny, charming to the girls, all in one! He also proved that he doesn't have to be his own character, as he showed himself on Alladin. Now one question and I'm serious: Why doesn't he have his own show? He should cause he's one of the best actors ever!