Scotty Bowman

Scotty Bowman


9/18/1933, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Birth Name

William Scott Bowman


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Scotty Bowman was born September 18, 1933 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Bowman played minor league hockey, but his career was cut short. So, he began coaching hockey. He began coaching junior hockey leagues in 1956. He entered the NHL coaching world in 1966. During his coaching career, he…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Scotty Bowman, Patrick Roy, and Jacque Demers coached the white team at the Canadian Hockey League 2007 Best Hopes tournament in Quebec City.

    • Scotty Bowman and his wife, Suella, have five grown children--Alicia, David, Stanley, Bob, and Nancy.

    • Scotty Bowman received the Wayne Gretzky International Award in 2002 for his contribution to the growth of hockey in the United States.

    • Scotty Bowman was inducted into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame during their 29th Annual Induction Ceremony on December 4, 2002.

    • Scotty Bowman was inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame in 1999 and the Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame in 2000.

    • Scotty Bowman has the leading victory record in NHL history with 1,244 victories and an astounding .654 winning percentage.

    • Scotty Bowman has coached in, and won, more games than any other coach in NHL history in both the regular season and playoffs.

    • Scotty Bowman publicly announced his retirement from coaching in 2002 at the end of the NHL season after his Red Wings won the Stanley Cup.

    • In his head coaching career in the NHL, Scotty Bowman coached the St. Louis Blues, Montreal Canadiens, Buffalo Sabres, Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Detroit Red Wings.

    • Scotty Bowman was inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame in 2003.

    • Scotty Bowman won the Jack Adams Award given every year to the NHL coach that contributed the most to their team's success in 1977 and 1996.

    • Scotty Bowman played minor league hockey until a head injury ended his playing career, so he then turned to coaching hockey.

    • Scotty Bowman was selected as an Honored Member of the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1991.

    • Scotty won nine Stanley Cups throughout his career as a head coach-five with the Montreal Canadiens, one with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and three with the Detroit Red Wings.

    • Out of the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL, Bowman is the only coach to win championship titles with three different professional teams.

  • Quotes

    • Scotty Bowman: I was injured playing junior hockey in Montreal, and I continued to play but I wasn't at the same level. I was never the same player afterward. I just didn't have the confidence. I had a lot of headaches and blurred vision.

    • Scotty Bowman: (following his announcement to retire) I have a granddaughter now, and my son's wife is about to have a baby. I think it's just time to enjoy what other people enjoy quite a bit of too.

    • Scotty Bowman: My family has grown up supporting me in hockey, especially my wife.

    • Scotty Bowman: (about his retirement after winning the Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings in 2002) I'll always remember my years in Detroit, I feel fortunate being able to go out with a winning team. Most coaches don't get that opportunity to win that last game.