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  • He is the Man... I would work with him any day.

    I think that this was a great program and I have been looking forward to its return. I am a real estate agent in the NYC area and some of what happened i have experienced. I believe it is about time the people see all that we as agents go through to get a deal finished and not all times do we receive a large payout. Sometimes you do what you do because you enjoy it. I especially enjoyed the agent that keep it real. He did not dress in a suit but enjoyed who he was. Scotty was definately someone I would work with. I enjoyed his sense of humor. I also enjoyed the husband and wife. I beleive that all of them brought something different to the show. At least it lets the world into our private world. Kudos to the producers and Agents. Please bring this show back. I had all of my real estate friends dying to see it. Finally a reality show that is not stupid (i.e. who to date a geek? please)moreless