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    • As a military photographer in the Air Force, he once had to jump about 50 feet out of a burning helicopter over the Mekong River delta during the Vietnam war. He had heavy-duty camera gear in one hand and an M-16 rifle in the other during the splashdown.

      He and his brother were cast together in one film and three television shows and were actually portrayed as brothers. The film was Red Sundown (1956); on TV they played siblings in two episodes of "Wagon Train" and one episode of "Navy Log".

      As children, both he and his brother (Brad Morrow) were involved in separate films withMarilyn Monroe. Brad worked with the at-the-time rising star in the film Monkey Business(1952). Scotty was signed to play Marilyn's nephew in a three-part Fox film mystery in the early 1960s, but the film, which had already been in production for about three weeks, ended up shelved due to Marilyn's unreliability (it was close to the end of her life) and disagreements with the producers and Marilyn's agent.

      He played drums for a "one hit wonder" group called The Midnights.

      Upon returning home from the military, he did a short stint as a radio DJ in a small Southwestern town.

      (1983-1985) Guest judge at "Hollywood Magazine" modeling showcase contests.
      Official photographer at many celebrity charity events.

      Has produced several award winning photographs.

      His older brother Brad Morrow was an actor and former Disney Mousketeer.

      Engaged to actress/model Debra Satell in 1986.

      Nicknamed Scooter Deluxe in college.

      Competed on the track and gymnastics teams in high school.

      On the day of his Bar Mitzvah, he learned that he had been cast in The Donna Reed Show(1958) in the recurring role of "Pee Wee".

      At the age of 10 he was screen-tested with Marilyn Monroe at 20th Century-Fox Pictures for a film trilogy project that was later canceled due to issues with Marilyn's agent.

      Attended high school with Sally Field.

      Breaking into TV commercials at age 3, his very first was for One-A Day Vitamins. He first worked with Marilyn Monroe in a laundry detergent TV ad while Monroe was still a young model named Norma Jean Baker. She played a young mother who has Scotty on her lap and talking about the shirt he is wearing.

      A graduate of Career Academy School of Radio & Television Broadcasting.

      While he was under contract at 20th Century-Fox Studio from 1956-1959, his back lot dressing room trailer was directly adjacent to Marilyn Monroe's and other nearby contract stars such as Robert Wagner, Joan Collins and Jeffrey Hunter. Private studio trailers were assigned to contract players in alphabetical order by their last name.

      At the age of 4, his agent (Frank Ryan Agency)chose three last names to consider as a "stage name." They were "Marlowe", "Morrow" and "McMorrow." The latter stemming from a distant relative on his father's side. In 1951, young Scott Mora became 'also known as' Scotty Morrow.
      Scotty Morrow's father was a distant cousin of Dale McMorrow, who was a cousin of Martin Edward Mortensen, who was the birth father of Norma Jeane Mortensen (Marilyn Monroe) as listed on her certified birth certificate. Shortly after the birth, Norma Jeane's mother (Gladys Baker) had it changed to "Baker", the surname of her first husband. In 1946, Norma Jeane started using the name Marilyn Monroe as "Monroe" was her mother's maiden name.

      Personal Quotes (5)
      There are no guarantees in life, if you want guarantees you should go to the zoo.
      I guess the way others say you should be has never impressed me. Then again, I really don't need to impress anyone. I don't want to be treated like a novelty or daredevil either as I'm basically conservative.

      I think of myself as an idea guy or business instigator. I invent or come up with an idea that I think people will like, put it together and engineer the process creatively.

      Starting out in show business at the age of 4 created a real challenge for me growing up as a kid. By the time I was 15 my life had endured more subplots than a Shakesperean farce.


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