Sean Bean





4/17/1959 , Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

Birth Name

Shaun Mark Bean




In his 20 plus years in show business, Sean Bean has been called many things. Actor Pierce Brosnan calls him, a class act. Biographer Laura Jackson dubbed him, the sexiest man in cinema. And Britain named him their greatest living sex bomb. Not too bad for a guy who had no intentions of becoming an actor.

The oldest child of Brian and Rita Bean, Sean quit school at 16 and soon took an apprenticeship at his father’s welding company so he could learn a trade and make money. But Sean’s first love was art, and while taking courses at Rotherham College of Arts and Technology, he passed an art class in progress and made the decision that he wanted to become an artist and go to art school.

It was while pursuing his art degree that Bean got involved with a drama class and found what would lead to his life-long career, acting. When he was 21 years old, Sean was accepted at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and just days before his 22nd birthday, got married to his first wife, Debra Ann James. However, the couple soon divorced.

The next step on his road to fame was the Royal Shakespeare Company, where Sean honed his skills for over 5 years. The 5 foot 11 inch actor also met and married his second wife, Melanie Hill, at this time. The couple had two daughters together before divorcing in August of 1997.

Just 3 months later, Sean married for his third (and as he says) last time. Abigail Cruttenden, the mother of Bean’s youngest daughter, met the actor while they filmed Sharpe’s Regiment together. Sean began playing the lead character, Richard Sharpe, in 1993. Bean and Cruttenden divorced after just 3 years of marriage.

Over his long career, Sean has played some of the nastiest of villains - Sean Miller in Patriot Games, and the kindest of souls - Errol Partridge in Equilibrium. He’s been historical figures - Odysseus in Troy, and infamous men - Mickey McAvoy in Fools Gold. Yet all the while retaining his seductive Sheffield accent and his love for the Sheffield United.

Sean Bean is one of Hollywood’s most versatile stars and there’s no telling where you’ll see him next.