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  • Game of Thrones

    How can you possibly forget that he was in GAME OF THRONES. Unbelievable. Fantastic Actor
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    Sean Bean is a fantastic actor who can play any role. well known through out Britan is actually a house hold name, and i asume his big state side? my personally favourite is goldeneye!!! (006)"for england James?" (007)Bond:"No, for me" this kline is classic
  • Brilliant!

    The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, The Island, Flightplan, Troy and National Treasure, these are just some of his many masterpieces. Until I saw his name pop up numerous times all over Filmspot movie guides, I never knew who he was but now I know who he is and I realise how great he is! In the movies he plays a minorish part, he is brilliant and in the movies where he plays a main role and usually as a bad guy he is brilliant!
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    It is brilliant to see that you Yanks know good talent, I must have watched every single movie, tv appearance or even interview he's ever done as I spend most of my time on media sights like this.
    Sharpe is absoloutely phenominal and it's sort of a shame he did that great performance in my favourite Bond film Goldeneye because he would make a brilliant Bond.
    You Yanks will be seeing more of Sean though as he has just started filming a tv show about a tough English lawyer in America, well I hope it's an American, I just love his English accent, and I'M ENGLISH
  • One of the best!

    As the 'bad guy' I feel I have known Sean Bean just about forever. I watched 'GoldenEye' and 'Scarlett' and his face and the name stuck with me. I had a hard time sympathizing with Harrison Ford's character in 'Patriot Games' and seeing the film again I realize it's because of Sean Bean's strong and convincing performance (not that his character is very likable...). After seeing the 'Fellowship of the Ring' for what must have been at least the 6th time I've suddenly 'fallen in love' with Sean Bean and the character of Boromir. I must have been blind! It's such a great performance! He's such a great actor! I've since watched a lot of his films especially the Sharpe series and I have to say: If you don't know Sean Bean you've definitely missed something... Go and check him out, he deserves a LOT more credit for his work!
  • My Favorite British Actor

    Since I first saw Sean Bean in Patriot Games, I've been a fan. The thing that first drew me in, of coarse, aside from his excellent work in the movie, was his good looks. Then us poor Americans got a bit of a break from seeing his work as he got busy with the making of the Sharpe series...lucky Brits!! (It's also a series I'm enjoying currently watching on BBC America). It wouldn't be until the release of Lord of the Rings in his role of Boromir that I would see him again (oh I have to mention I could listen to that accent all day!...LOTR being the first movie I heard his true Sheffield accent). Something else to not is for some reason most of the work he's done in American made movies, has him portraying the bad guy. Which, of coarse, doesn't bother me a bit since that's the type of role he played in which I first became a fan of his. I see he's starting to diversify now which just proves he can do whatever they give him to work about talent! Luckily work doesn't seem to be in short supply either since he's been on a roll with making movies lately and more importantly roles in movies we can see here in the states too....Don't Say a Word, Troy, The Island, National Treasure (can't say how many times I've watched this one!), and Flightplan are the ones I've seen as of late. This is one guy I look forward to seeing more and more in his awesome work as an actor and his awesome looks as a man!;) Yep, no matter good guy, bad guy, or even family man he is definitely one to watch for:).
  • A gifted actor

    No other actor is more push button than Sean Bean. In one film he could be a hero and in the next a villian. No matter what roles he portrays he always does the character justice. He is one of the few gifted and talented actors today that could pull off any character presented to him; a hero, a villian, a victim, a loving husband or father, or a brutal attacker -Sean can do it all.

  • Sean Bean, the epitomy of masculinity.

    Sean Bean is a man that oozes testosterone. He's the stereotypical "man", and has had a long history of portraying such characters both on tv and on the silver screen.
    The best example of this is the series of tv movies "Sharpe", which launched his career and made him a household name in the UK almost overnight.
    But it didn't stop there. A lot of his roles have been tough, hard men, most often in the form of villains (for example 006 in 'Goldeneye', Patrick Koster in 'Don't say a word')
    In my opinion though, Hollywood does not recognise Bean's full potential. Luckily Peter Jackson did, and cast him as Boromir in LotR, but there is still so much more he could do.
    I would dearly love to see him in a starring role again, as opposed to yet another villain.
  • This is the man I want to marry!

    First thing you notice is the sexy voice! Then those mesmerizing green eyes catch and hold your attention. Put both of those in a gorgeous face and you've got something to catch your attention. Now that you hypnotized by him, you realize just how talented of an actor he is.

    Now, I admit it was the bad boy that caught my attention. Patriot Games was the first time I was rooting for the bad guy to win. Fellowship of the Rings has awoken a new generation to his sexy glare, but Sean Bean is not just a "Bad-Guy" as he's usually typecast as, this hunk is star material. Check out the Sharpe Series! Flightplan, Extremely Dangerous, Tom & Thomas. All movies where he isn't just a sexy villain!

    Give my man a chance and you'll be hooked the same as me
  • Who is Sean Bean? people ask me... I'll tell you who Sean Bean is.

    I am a huge movie aholic and have many favorite actors that include Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, and Robert DeNiro. If I had to make a list of my top 10 favorit actors Sean Bean would definatly make the list.
    Most people that I talk to have no idea who Sean Bean is and it amazes me becasue he is such a good actor. My first rememberance of him was as agent 006 in the film Goldeneye. SInce his villainous roll in James Bond he has played many parts in many different blockbusters such as: Troy, The Lord of the Rings, Equillibriam, National Treasure and The Island, to name a few. Sean Bean is a talented actor and I enjoy watching him play his many parts but it is always fun to see him as the villain.
    So spread the word everybody! Sean Bean deserves a tad more credit than he has been recieving. He is a great actor!