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    Hey "The Vampire Diaries" fans, if you love the pretty, you'll be happy with some new blood coming to Mystic Falls. Sean Faris, who starred in the big screen's "Never Back Down," will visit "Vampire Diaries" for a multiple-episode run, a rep confirms. Apparently, Faris, 27, is heading to Atlanta Wednesday to begin shooting his "Vampire Diaries" role as "a sexy bartender named Ben," publicist Craig Schneider tells Zap2it. Naturally, this sexy Ben will somehow get mixed up with vampire business and one of the lovely ladies. Otherwise, what's the point of importing another pretty face? We're actually happy that he'll be playing a regular, blood-pumping human as far as we know. Leave the brooding vampire stuff to Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. Faris had previously starred on "Reunion" and "life as we know it," neither of which lasted one complete season. Twice bitten, the actor had vowed to Zap2it's Korbi Ghosh that he'd never to do TV again, but could he really pass up The CW's fangtastic hit and a chance to jump on the vampire bandwagon? Not bloody likely. Fang fans, rejoice!
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