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  • Good actor.

    My favorite role he played was on "Life as we know it". Handsome.
  • I love Sean Faris because he's a good actor and totally hot.

    I first seen him in the movie Sleepover with the lead girl from Spy Kids. Then I saw him in the movie Yours, Mine, & Ours with a whole bunch of famous kid actors. Then he got a lead part in his own movie called Never Back Down. He is very talented in what he does. He seems like the type of person who is down to earth. The way he talks in some of his interviews you could just tell. I always wanted him to see him in more thing and I'm glad that it happened for him. Last but never least he is to freakin' cute.
  • A really good actor.

    Ok honestly I dont remeber if it was this guy who play on Yours, Mine, and Ours, or not but he is still a really good actor. I have only really seen him in that movie and in Smallville but in both of those he was really good. He is a great actor though i dont think he is used as much as he should be. I still think he is great. he also also not half bad on the hottness scale if there is one. So yes he is kind of cute. over all i think he is a really good actor.
  • Total Hottie!

    Sean Faris is totally Hott.My Favourite picture of him is when he is on his knees and his shirt is all off. He is totally gorgeous in that picture. All my friends from school think he is hot as well. I like him in Sleepover he is such a hottie.Sleepover is one of my favourite movies. Well i got to go write in my blog cya! Check my blog!
  • One secret here .....

    God,can u believe my friends said sean looks gay.specially with that pink top?!dont worry,i told them they were just jealous,coz sean is gorgeous,hes a good actor,he attracts a lot girls.hehee.yeah,they are just jealous.
    seriously,sean is my favourite in this the show.but not the evil smile when he stood up from that wheel chair.ewwwwwwwww.good luck sean.if u ever reads.oh well,i doubt,but yeah watever.good luck anyway.
  • sean faris lo tiene todo!!! es guapisimo es talentoso, es el mejor; en pocos años será el hombre mas famoso del mundo!!! FELICIDADES SEAN!!!

    sean espero que leas esto, mira yo no hablo ingles pero por ti voy a tomar clases de ingles, mira me encantas en serio siempre pienso en ti y no me importa tu fama ni tu dinero ni nada de eso solo me interesa conocerte...
    te deseo lo mejor en todo
    te pido q me escribas un mail por favor!!!
  • Sean Faris is HOT!

    Sean Faris is a great actor maybe its just because he is so good looking. No but really I hope this show will make him a big movie star. I really want to see more of his face on the big screen. I've seen him in other shows and at least he is trying to get in there. So good luck to him.
  • I absolutely love Sean Faris. I have seen every episode of life as we know it and ive seen all of his movies. He is an excellent actor and i cant wait for Reunion.

    I absolutely love Sean Faris. There are many reasons why I love him. Firstly, he is gorgeous. Although many young actors are considered hot, he is definetly one of them. Secondly, although he got off to a rocky start from modeling 2 small guest roles, I think he did great. I think that he was very good on Smallville as Byron. Thirdly, I loved his portrayal of Dino on the show life as we know it. I think that he really proved himself as a good actor. I can not wait 4 reunion and I think that he will do great.
  • Sean Faris is gorgeous! We all totally loved him in life as we know it. Hope his new show Reunion gets picked up. I will watch it for sure.

    Sean Faris was well-cast as Dino in life as we know it. I never missed an episode, and I was bummed when it got cancelled. Really, really loved his acting. He's got so much emotion. It was so sad all the troubles Dino had to go through after finding out about his mom's affair. And it brought me to tears when he forgave her and came back home. Can't wait to see him on TV again!
  • Sean Faris, We love him.

    Sean Faris… the name just makes me smile. This actor has great potential, but just hasn’t been given the chance to break thru yet. His looks already have the girls wanting him, and his mischievous smile never lets us know exactly what’s going on. But how can we fall in love with him if we never see him? I believe TV networks need to give him a chance. His ABC show, Life As We Know, was cancelled before the first season was over. In September, he will star on FOX in a new show called Reunion. I know, I can’t wait to watch this show.
  • Sean Faris seems to be one of those up and coming actors, who can do basically...anything...


    Sean Faris has not had the spotlight, yet, really. He was one of the main characters on the cancelled ABC teen drama "life as we know it" and also guest starred on several different shows.

    The actor seems to be able to do anything that comes to him, and he's starting to break away from the teen drama situation with his upcoming TV role in the fall 2005 mystery/drama show "Reunion" (Starting on September 8, 2005 on FOX).

    It won't be surprising if eventually Sean Faris breaks into the movie roles, and heightens his career.

    I would recommend viewing one of Faris' projects.