Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity


12/30/1961, New York City ,New York, USA

Birth Name

Sean Patrick Hannity


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  • Sean Hannity is human garbage

    Sean Hannity is delusional and full of hate. He's the king of hypocrites. And the sheep that follow him are no better. He lies on a daily basis and is one of the most bias people on the planet. Hannity's shows on tv and the radio are a joke, and a place for him to infect the world with his vile thoughts. His guests are almost always fellow conservative wackos like him and they don't do anything other than feed off each other's filth. His hatred for Obama is so incredible that I think Hannity may actually have some psychological issues. The world would be a better place without him in it.moreless
  • Sigh. . .

    Sean Hannity isn't a journalist, an analyst or a newsman. He essentially finds excuses and loopholes for his audience to prop up anything said by a conservative (unless it goes against the neocon party line) and discount anything said by a "liberal", the demons of Hannity's world. His yelping, desperate debate style is embarrassing to all right-thinking people and his inability to think critically or disbelieve a convenient lie are a stain on the FOX Network.

    Unlike Bill O'Reilly, who at least purports to have a form of intellectual consistency, Hannity's litany of stereotypes, half-truths, smears and outright lies (though I have no doubt he believes them) serve to do nothing other than belittle the intelligent and demean the dedicated. Hannity believes in parties, not principles.moreless