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  • Hannity Belongs With ISEL

    This guy is as anti-American as the barbarians of Iraq. FIRE HIM !
  • Sean Hannity is human garbage

    Sean Hannity is delusional and full of hate. He's the king of hypocrites. And the sheep that follow him are no better. He lies on a daily basis and is one of the most bias people on the planet. Hannity's shows on tv and the radio are a joke, and a place for him to infect the world with his vile thoughts. His guests are almost always fellow conservative wackos like him and they don't do anything other than feed off each other's filth. His hatred for Obama is so incredible that I think Hannity may actually have some psychological issues. The world would be a better place without him in it.
  • Sigh. . .

    Sean Hannity isn't a journalist, an analyst or a newsman. He essentially finds excuses and loopholes for his audience to prop up anything said by a conservative (unless it goes against the neocon party line) and discount anything said by a "liberal", the demons of Hannity's world. His yelping, desperate debate style is embarrassing to all right-thinking people and his inability to think critically or disbelieve a convenient lie are a stain on the FOX Network.

    Unlike Bill O'Reilly, who at least purports to have a form of intellectual consistency, Hannity's litany of stereotypes, half-truths, smears and outright lies (though I have no doubt he believes them) serve to do nothing other than belittle the intelligent and demean the dedicated. Hannity believes in parties, not principles.
  • The guy is out of touch.

    He can't cut it on any other network so he stays on his comfy little eggshell called Fox News. Hannity is a complete waste of time and if he were to go on any other show not regarding Fox News, he would get put in his place. He is good at fooling stupid rednecks to believe in his money greedy views and his lies of America. Everyone knows that Fox News is a complete joke, as nobody can take it seriously except the blind right wing. I can't stand the left wing either. They talk a big game, but never back it up. I am an independent voter and can say that Hannity makes me want to lean left, but I am not at that point. Hannity is out of touch and will always be, no matter how much he will try to spin it. Thank you.
  • You're a disgraceful American, hypocrite and a liar!! Hannity likes to attack liberals and anyone with an opposing view other than his own.

    I almost died laughing reading Hannity's comments about Bush. That should tell anybody about his lack of integrity and intelligence.

    This is the same guy that one time on the radio I heard him say "we have the best healthcare system in the world"!!!

    The funny part was that he was being serious!!! Best healthcare system? LMAO There's millions and millions of Americans with no insurance at all. Worst yet, insurance rates are only going higher and higher like the price of gasoline. This guy's stupidity and lack of real patriotism shine through when people who oppose the Iraqi War and Bush are described as terrorists or unpatriotic Americans. Then he goes on Foxnews and says that they are aren't bias? LMAO!!!

    When the Katrina disaster happened, Hannity tried to downplay the government's incompetence in helping the people of New Orleans. This is the same guy who has allied himself with the crazy nuts out there like Anne Coulter.

    Sean Hannity make no mistake about it is full of it to his nose. Watch any of his cheap attacks on the air, and on the internet and you'll see this guy's insanity and lack of professionalism.
  • He is part of the new media war on liberalism!

    All you have to do is look at his numbers on radio and cable news to see that Sean is very effective, or he would not be on the air anywhere. His debate skills are superb and the way he handles his detractors is second only to Rush. His success is shown during his radio show on the feature "Hate-Hannity" line in which kool-aide-drinking libs get on the air by leaving messages. 75% of the content of the messages must be bleeped due to offensive language. This just goes to illustrate that his critics cannot debate the issues he talks about, but just show their intelligent level.
  • Youre a great American!

    I listen to Sean every day on KFYI AM 550 here in Arizona, home of Bruce Jacobs, Joe Crummey and Barry Young [you might of heard him say that too]. I always hear people going after him like he is Satan and you know why, they know he is a voice of the truth. I think Sean is a great man and he helped me figure out that the mainstream media is full of ****. And people who say Sean is a republican are DEAD WRONG, he is a Regan Conservative, and he does bash the Republicans as well. So before you drag him down learn the facts and go to the Freedom concerts. Youre a great American Sean and everyone needs to be a great american.
  • #2 in radio with over 500 stations! Talented both in radio and on television. The mainstream media and liberals dislike him because he tells you what THEY don't want you to know. Give him a listen and learn the real TRUTH. Get Hannitized!

    Sean is informative and entertaining. He has interviews and exchanges with those who both agree and disagree with his point of view. His guests have included the Vice President, former Speakers of the House, current and former Senators and Cabinet members (from both parties), as well as other formidable politcal pundits. He asks appropriate questions and doesn't make it easy for those that are interview saavy to spin their answers. He plainly tells them - just answer the question. 2nd only to Rush Limbaugh in audience size, Sean Hannity does a fantastic job.

    Liberals claim that the mainstream media is centric and shows like Hannity's are extremely slanted to the right. The truth is that the mainstream media (yes, ABC, NBC, CBS along with the NY Times, LA Times...etc) are extremely biased in their headlines and articles - so much so that the TRUTH appears to be extremely to the right to those who believe their perspective.

    This is the bias that most of us have listened to and read the majority of our lives. It's only been since the emergence of shows like Limbaugh's and Hannity's that the other side has had a voice and can get news and information from an alternative to the mainstream - and they HATE it. Sean (& Rush) have brought attention to the propaganda and agenda the drives the mainstream media. The fact that they have the #1 and #2 rated shows (and yet equivalent liberal/leftist shows have miserably failed) proves their talent and the fact that what they provide is DESIRED and IN DEMAND.

    Listen to Sean's show and enjoy listening to someone who KNOWS and BELIEVES that we live in the best place in the world - the United States of America.

    Sean - You're a great American. Keep up the great work!
  • He is talented alright. It's the only reason I gave him a score of 1.0, because he is so good at twisting truths and telling lies.

    Sean Hannity is a horrible human being. He twists words around so often he can get you to think the complete opposite of what is actualy being said. He constantly lies and he is the biggest hypocrite I've ever heard. I listened to his radio show once and it was 2 hours of bashing one congressman & saying he should quit his job, and taking calls from people doing the same.
    When ever anyone from the other side disagrees, Hannity can win debates without even having any points. He will just take you off the subject and aim at something else untill the segment is up and he can hit the button on the other person. He calls all liberals extremeists. The truth is that he is the most extreme right wing republican I have ever heard or seen. WARNING: Dont listen to a word this disgusting human has to say.