Sean Hughes





11/10/1965 , London, England, UK

Birth Name

John Hughes




Sean Hughes was born on the 10th of November 1965 to a family of working class Catholics in London, England, with the birthname of John Hughes. When he was four years old, the family (made up of Sean, his parents and two brothers) returned to Ireland, and lived in Dublin. Sean moved school several times, making it hard for him to fit in and make proper friends. Although he was a natural show off, being rude and backchatting teachers, he was a very vulnerable child after school hours, being the victim of bullying. Sean describes most of his childhood as "unbearable", leading an unhappy social life, and being thought of as "the thick one" by his parents, who made little attempt to give their son ambition in life. Early jobs were such as working part time in a supermarket, but Sean's long to escape his unhappiness would lead him to what many know and love him for today. One Summer working in London, a teenage Sean came across the Comedy Store and was determined to work there. Just before Sean went to London with a friend, he "lost control" and went to see a shrink, who advised him not to go. He ignored this advice and went. After arriving, Sean's friend decided to return to Dublin, leaving Sean stranded in London.

In 1987, Sean started doing stand-up comedy in London clubs. He became the youngest ever winner of the prestigious Perrier Award for Comedy for 'A One Night Stand With Sean Hughes' at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival in 1990. The show also played to crowds in London and throughout the UK, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto and toured Australia for the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 1991. He was awarded a Fringe First from the Scotsman along with Owen O'Neil when he returned to Edinburgh in 1999 to write and appear in short plays, Dehydrated and Travelling Light. Sean launched his successful TV career with the critically acclaimed 7-part sitcom series 'Sean's Show', written by and starring Sean Hughes. A second series was screeend in 1993, following the success of the first.

As well as his comic writing, Sean is also a serious writer, and has written two collections of prose and poetry. The first, 'Sean's Book', sold over 40,000 copies. The second, 'Grey Area', was published in 1995. After these came the critically acclaimed novels 'The Detainees' and 'It's What He Would Have Wanted'.

Sean currently lives in London with his two dogs Bill and Sweep (from the Battersea Dogs Home), cat Maggie (named after the baby in the Simpsons!), his silver BMW and a collection of loud music.