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  • Really hot!! And a good actor!!

    This guy is a two for one deal!! H\'s really hot and a good actor!! He was in Firefly, one of my favorite shows, and Serenity, one of my favorite movies! Sean is an incredibly good actor. In Firefly he plays Simon Tam, a fugitive on the run from the dreaded alliance. Sean plays this part great!! He's wonderful!! Firefly is a great show!
    In Serenity he plays the same character!! Another great performance!! Sean not only has talent but looks! The guy is really hott! In the Firefly episode Objects in Space he goes for a few minutes without a shirt and he has really good muscles. At the end of Serenity there's a part where he's not wearing a shirt either, but I don't wanna give away spoilers. He's good. His biceps too, by the way, are AMAZING!!