Sean Marquette





6/30/1988 , Dallas, TX

Birth Name

Sean Anthony Rodriguez




Sean Anthony Rodriguez was born on June 30, 1988 to Jorge Luis Rodriguez and Patricia Helen Market in Dallas, Texas. Around the time Sean was five years old, his family moved to New Jersey. He and his older brothers Chris and Eric were introduced to modeling by a family friend, and in time, modeling turned to commercials. Sean’s first big role was in the Soap Opera All My Children at the age of seven. When he was thirteen, they decided to move to California because there was more work available there, and they started using their mother’s maiden name “Marquette” as their screen-names. Sean has since held roles on TV, voice-overs, video games, and movies. Sean admits his biggest inspiration is his brother Chris. Although they are four years apart, they look very similar and have many times played the same character at different ages. They even occasionally audition for the same role, but they always support each other and appreciate the healthy competition. Chris recalls working with Sean recently as a great experience, “All of a sudden he grew up and he's this, like, actor. He's a really great, talented, young actor.” Both Chris and Sean participate in several charity events. Sean feels his ability not to limit himself while acting is what separates him from other actors. He had been nominated for a handful of awards, including the Young Artist Award and YoungStar Award. Sean's favorite actor is Tom Hanks because he a down-to-earth type of guy and he admires Johnny Depp's sense of style. His favorite movie is The Pianist. Sean has received his High School diploma, and has plans to eventually get a college degree. His favorite pastimes are hanging with friends and doing normal activities with his family. In his spare time Sean enjoys reading, movies, watching boxing, and challenging his brothers in a video game. He and his family reside in Burbank, California.