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Sean McClory, born Sean Joseph McClory, was an actor of Irish roots. He was born in Dublin, Ireland on March 8, 1924 to engineer Hugh Patrick and former model Mary Margaret Ball. Sean's acting talent was honed at the Abbey Theater in Dublin where he first appeared in productions of classic works before starring in comedies that were popular in the 1940s to 1950's. When World War II ended, Sean left for Hollywood to try the movies. In 1947, he was cast as an Irish cop in "Dick Tracy." Thereafter, a contract he signed with 20th Century-Fox in 1949 enabled him to do more films like "The Glass Menagerie," "The Quiet Man," "The Long Gray Line," and "Cheyenne Autumn." In 1953, he was able to finally show his brilliant acting when he played a mysterious archaeologist in the film "Plunder of the Sun." From 1953 to the 1970's, he was also a prolific TV actor and it was actually in his small but regular appearances in adventure series like "The Californians" and " Overland Trail" that he is best remembered. In 1987, Sean impressed his critics again through his effective portrayal of Mr. Grace in the film "The Dead." Unfortunately, it would be the last time Sean is seen on film. In December 10, 2003, the Irish actor, who was most at home with his American audience, died of heart failure in Hollywood Hills, California.