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  • I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!

    I hope Sean reads this. It would make my day. So here's a REAL funny story: My bro and i were flipping through the channels and then we put on HOCUS POCUS (cause the next movie was good and it was about over) When we put it on i literly SCREAMED:


    He is so cute. i know im like 36 years younger but still.MURRAY 4 EVER!
  • Sean is a realistic character...

    I particularily enjoy Sean and his role on NCIS because he projects his character much like that of my son. My son is the same build ,quiet and soft spoken like Tim. And in some of the photo Tommy looks like Tim. Tommy is 22 y/o mechanic and very good at what he does. I work at a major Military Facility frequently mentioned in the story lines. Needless to say Sean is my favorite character on NCIS but I have looked for other roles he has been in. Keep on the great work Sean!!!
  • Sean the best....

    I like Sean a lot and he is cute. He needs more of a story line. (Love Interest, Family, old school friends). When do we get to know why he really wanted to become an NCIS agent?

    give him more..........
  • Funnny

    He can get serious, but his face does not look like it's made for the agent show. But his acting proves otherwise. Yeah!
  • Friends and I wonder why he's lost so much weight is he ill? We love his character.

    He's a very important part of the show we all love him hope all is well. Ncis has been one of our favorite shows for years. Hope it continues to be the show it's been for the past years. Is he maybe just getting in shape for another show? Hope to find out so we can quit worrying about him. How long has Sean be acting this has been an a very big part of our lives watching NCIS on Tuesdays and also on reruns everyday on USA. Thank you for giving our family such a great source of entertainment.
  • A site dedicated to Sean Murray and his career. A page for each of his characters (cinema & TV).

    Because I'm french, my site is in french and in english. The language is specified for each page on the menu.
    You will find a page for each of his roles, from "Backfield in Motion" (his first) to "NCIS" (current), interview in the press and television (U.S. and foreign), photos of him, screencaps of these different characters, videos clips from his previous roles, several pages about his current show "NCIS" and his character "Timothy McGee", fan'art from his fans in the world, games based on his career, and other surprises.
    This websiste is updated regulary (at least, for every new episode of NCIS).
    My first rule is the respect for Sean Murray's privacy, so no photo of his daughter on my site.
    Lumen (from France)
  • Could eat him with a cute.

    I love his character, McGee. Don't know what he's like in real life, but on the show he's absolutely adorable. You just want to melt right into those big eyes. He's one of the most gorgeous men on the planet. Some gals might like the bad boy type, but I prefer the clean-cut, sweet, handsome, baby face type...which is why I married one 30 years ago. I'm too old for this handsome young man, but even an old gal can dream. In addition to being dreamy, he's a great actor and plays his role amazingly well. Good job! Love the show and all the actors are fantastic, but he's definitely a fave.
  • Love him!!! He is so great!

    I love NCIS and each and everyone from the cast. Each of the characters is unique and very important.They all are great actors. They make NCIS number one show of all times!
    Sean Murray is very talented and is definitely one of my favorites!I cannot even imagine the show without him!I love him! He is perfect for this role and I don't think there is anyone else who can play McGee.He is this cool geek and he makes you want to be like him :). He is this true friend and great agent, who makes NCIS team complete. Great work!!
  • Don't forget "Hocus Pocus"

    I love him as McGee but if you've ever seen "Hocus Pocus" you'd remember him as Thackery Binks. At first I didn't recognize him but then when I realized who he was I couldn't help watching the movie again. He was just adorable. He is still adorable now and I love how he portrays Timothy McGee, he's smart but he's still really sensitive and geeky. I would love to see him completely get together with Abby, they would be so great together as a couple. Even though Tony gives him such a hard time I think he really respects him.
  • Sean does a really great job as McGee. He is so much like a kid in a candy store when it comes to the newest high tech stuff.

    Sean does a really great job as McGee. He is so much like a kid in a candy store when it comes to the newest high tech stuff. He's the go to guy when a system has to be hacked. He is very good at taking Tony's (Micheal) insults. Being teased all the time and still coming out on Gibb's (Mark) good side. He is a very down to earth character and I would like to see more shows were he takes the lead. I love watching him and Pauley's character interact. You can see there still is or was something between them, but no one else knows because thats the way they have always interacted. Just another character that makes the show what it is. AWESOME!!!
  • Sean's character, McGee is an essential part of NCIS. He is an awesome actor and my favorite character on NCIS.

    Sean is an awesome actor. I really enjoy his work, McGee is my favorite character on NCIS. I hope to see him evolve from the "Probie," to the next "Gibbs" in years to come. His character is an enticing mix of wholesomeness and sex appeal; why else could he get away with looking up Kate's skirt? He is thoughtful and loveable even while enduring probie pranks. Yet he is strong and focused and knows how to use his pistol. He is amazingly smart; the procedural, technical aspect of his role is very interesting. If McGee left the show, I would lose interest. The rest of the crew rocks, but McGee similar to Gibbs is essential. He seems real, like a friend, yet he's unique and untouchable. McGee has skills that others don't. I can't imagine NCIS without him. I can imagine his role evolving along with NCIS.
  • More than holds his own in a cast with great depth.

    Adding Sean Murray to an already strong NCIS was a brilliant idea. His character's strength is in his relative normalcy; when compared to all the other cast misfits. I love the dichotomy of "McGeek's" naivete and gentle soul while he manages to develop into a superior crime fighter in a sick and twisted world.
    I find he and Michael Weatherly make their characters interact brilliantly, and I love the banter...which I personally don't find troublesome, because there is definite camaraderie there. In a similar fashion, I love his awkwardness yet protectiveness with "Abby" as well.
    You don't often find entire casts that gel this way, and I believe Sean Murray lucked into a great thing in the past, when he guested on JAG several times. He was an obvious and perfect choice for the spin-off NCIS, and Bellisario rarely misses a beat in that regard. I think there will be a lot more great things to see from this fine young actor.
  • Sean Murray is awesome...

    Sean Murray is a great actor and I think he has major potential to succeed in an acting carrer. NCIS is my favorite show of all time, and I think Sean Murray who plays Tim Mcgee brings a little something extra to the show. I am sure that NCIS would not be the same if the geeky (but cute!) Tim Mcgee wasn't on it. No other actor could portray Tim in a better way. I would love to see him in more film productions. I first saw him in NCIS, but after I watched NCIS, I recognized he was on Hocus Pocus. He is and was amazing!!!
  • Subtle and strong at the same time.

    Wow. Mr. Murray portrays his role as McGee superbly. His multi-layered character development combines quiet charm, strength, humor, and humility into a very believable personality. So many television characters are flat, like both Directors on NCIS have been. Mr. Murray has used his incredible talent to create a very 3-D Agent McGee. If you could combine the parts of DiNozzo, Gibbs, and McGee in to one person, he would be the perfect man...gorgeous, playful, humble, intelligent, strong, and possessing the ability to take charge as needed while giving those around him just the right amount of autonomy. Yeah, I'm dreaming out loud. :) Great work, Mr. Murray. thank you for your contribution to one of the highlights of my week.
  • Special agent McGee rookie agent of the year

    I love Sean with all my heart. Since I knew it was him in Hocus Pocus I've adored him. Its never easy to play the mean guy but he can and do it with so much passion. There's no escaping his geeky side as Timmy though but why would you?

    Anyone can try and be an actor but it takes skill to make him or her lovable and I gotta say Sean is my main link to NCIS.

    A truly gifted man and I'm proud to watch him go to work. After all someones got to keep DiNozzo in check.

    I love Sean Murray
  • Great actor...

    My favorite geek of all time. I love Sean and I especially love him as Tim McGee on the series: NCIS. I have see him in other things, but I think most people know him for his role on NCIS. The first time he appeared on this show, I was fond of him right away and that hasn't changed. I do feel that he is a little underused, cause he is such a talented actor, and sometimes it surprises me that he hasn't had a lot of big roles. But I'm glad I can still admire him in NCIS, and I hope he won't leave this shows till the end. Cause what would I do without my favorite probie.
  • Here is the address for a new forum specifically for Sean Murray/Tim McGee fans. Come and sign up and join in the conversation!

    This guy is talented and gorgeous - too bad he hasn't had the kudos til now - I hope NCIS lasts another ten years!

    A while ago I looked him up and there was no information about him, and a forum that hadn't been posted in for seven months - now there are loads of fans from all around the world! I'm glad people are finally realising what a sweetie Sean Murray is and looking him up!

    I first saw him in Hocus Pocus with Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler. He was cute, so when the Kiwi mag RTR published a poster of him I put it up on my wall. I forgot all about him until Fall into Darkness and NCIS came out, when he started getting more exposure. I'm surprised he hasn't had more roles with such a famous stepfather (Donald P. Bellisario). But now that we have seen him in NCIS, if that show ends or he chooses to leave the cast, then there's no doubt that he'll get more work straight away.
  • Great actor! and i mean seriously he is a great actor!

    I love him... he was so hot when he was younger. LOL. he is such a great actor now, especially in NCIS, it is like my favourite show. i love how his relationship with abby has grown and they are so cute together in the TV show. He should so act in another movie, i don;t care if i have to write one for him he has to act in something new soon. He can;t let his hot talent go to waste. i am being serious here. He is loved by me and many other fans, well yes i love him as an actor so yeah. Act on Sean!
  • underrated, love his character, needs to get back at Tony, intelligent, great with Abby

    I think he is fabulous. His character comes across so real because of the way he does it. He is someone you never want to see hurt or sad. I love it when he is in a scene with Abby. They are great together. What would really make me happy is if the writers would write an episode where he gives it good to Tony. I hate the fact they write it so he has to take Tony's crap all the time. His character is way too intelligent and proud to put up with him. I loved the episode where he defended his sister and told the director off. I would love to see more of him on the show.
  • I love him! I can't help it but I do!

    Saw him first in Hocus Pocus. Didn't realise it was the same person in NCIS until I saw his biography here. He has this look about him that says you could sit down and talk to him about anything and he would be a great friend to you. He doesn't talk about his private life and that's fine by me. Some people talk at great lenghts about their personal lifes but his wants to keep his private. In the show he is humorous without trying to be and I feel that he is that way in real life. Hope to see more of him in films. May Tim McGee and NCIS life on for many many more years.
  • Even with his success with NCIS, in interviews he is down to earth and friendly. He answers questions honestly and enjoys to be himself and have a laugh, even if he is laughing at himself. He is talented, handsome and funny

    Sean Murray plays my favourite character on NCIS. I would personally like to see him in more acting roles, such as more movies or more guest slots on other shows. I believe he has the talent, but I realise he has made his stamp strongly as McGee.
    Even with his success with NCIS, in interviews he is down to earth and friendly. He answers questions honestly and enjoys to be himself and have a laugh, even if he is laughing at himself. He is talented, handsome and funny. His personal life is him personal life and so other than interviews I have seen very little of him, which I believe is a good thing because it's always the bad things about actors that you read about outside of interviews.
  • Great...His Just Nervously Talented

    Actually, no much time for this, but maybe i can drop alittle word.We all needs statement about eachother to grow,but SEAN MURRAY is one hell of a nice guy.fame nervous and co-oparetive.
    His chararcter in movie like NCIS brought his true nature out of messing around, as for computer freak..i don't know about that, just movie, but as for who he is, HIS GOOD
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    ahhhhhhh hes so cute! hes so nice but hes always gettin teased its so sad! he not all dat good lookin but hes so sweet and cute! wit his littl crush on abbey! ah god! i luv d episode when he likes the girl who sees the sailor bein murdered! thas really sad when she dies! and it was gas when he called tony boss! i nearly cried when he shot the cop nd was gonna be sent to prison! or when tony and kate went to his apartment nd started slaggin him!
  • Hope that his character will open up a bit more!

    I hope and pray that his character will be used
    More for many more seasons to come as I really
    Am growing to love the Probe as he is lovingly called
    Great actor and has a lot of potential and promise IMO
    Very naive his character is but is starting to grow into
    His own man if you ask me!
  • Sean is the best on NCIS and is HOT.

    The first time i saw Sean was when i was 10. I was watching Hocus Pocus and fell in love with Thackery Binx. Then last year i saw a movie called "Fall into darkness" which Sean starred in. The movie was written by the amazing Christopher Pike. Then this year NCIS came on, the only reason i really watch it is because Sean is on their, he plays a classic character McGee, "probie". He really should be in the show more because hes the best!! I think hes going to get better movies in the future coz i will definately watch them!
  • He's cool

    I'm not in love with him or anything but he is cool. He's one of my favorites on NCIS. I recently re-watched Hocus Pocus (haven't seen it since I was a kid) now that I know that it was him playing Thackery Binx. Man can that kid act! Also to note that he was in "The Sleepwalking Killer" and "The Lottery."
  • He has made computers and geeks sexy.

    He has the ability to fit into any role he has been presented with from him films such as "Hocus Pocus" right up until his contunuing role in NCIS. his acting is of the highest degree and he is the only guy who can make Computers and Geeks sexy, he is just magic!
  • Sean Murray is not used enough on NCIS.

    Sean Murray is not used enough on NCIS. Don't get me wrong, I still love the show and *all* the actors, but the others are central to more episodes than him. Sean showed us in "Probie" that he had the depth to carry the episode. I really loved it! He should get the chance to shine more often!
  • I KNEW I couldn\'t be the only one!!!

    Now that I found this website (and others like it) I can prove to my sister and mother than I am NOT crazy, that others think Sean Murray is pretty darn cute too!! If he\'s single and looking for love, I whole heartedly volunteer!! They need to give him more respect in the show however,...they always make him out to be the bumbling idiot, or at least his \"co-workers\" treat him like it (minus Abby most of the time, but she too has her \"McGee!!!!\" moments!) I\'d love to see a show where he saves Tony\'s butt and Tony finally sees that McGee isn\'t the probie anymore.
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