Sean Pertwee

Sean Pertwee


6/4/1964, London, England

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Sean Pertwee


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Sean Pertwee is the son of Jon Pertwee (The 3rd Dr. Who/Worzel Gummidge)and Ingeborg Rhoesha. He has a sister, Dariel, an accomplished stage actress.
He graduated from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 1986 and spent three years with the Royal Shakespeare Company.
He was married in…more


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    • (on working in "Blue Juice")
      Sean: I've always considered myself to be a character actor. In Blue Juice I'm playing myself and it's terrifying. I'm not hiding behind anything this time ... apart from a sock.

    • (on why he chose to act in "Greyfriars Bobby")
      Sean: I love the story. My dad used to read it to me when I was a kid. Now I don't have to tell it to my son because he can actually watch it. That absolutely was the main reason for me wanting to do this classic story. It's about loyalty and love and it is something the family can go and see. Having a four-year-old boy myself now, it's something I can take him to see in a few years' time.

    • (talking about his father and his son)
      Sean: Alfred's a miracle. It saddens me that my dad's not here but he always wanted grandkids and he's got one now. But he can see it. He definitely can. I know it.

    • (Sean on his relationship with his father, actor Jon Pertwee)
      Sean: I was never patronised as a child. I think that is my father's greatest attribute. He treated me absolutely as an equal. We used to spend months and months at our house in Ibiza and he would take me everywhere on the back of his motorbike. It was the most extraordinary beatnik community of writers, actors and artists - which was why he loved it so much - but coming back to school in England after running free for so long was a terrible shock.

    • (on filming in Luxembourg)
      Sean: Luxembourg is the perfect place to work. You work very hard. There are a couple of good bars and clubs, you get your one day off, and bish-bosh. Plus it's only an hour away.

    • (on why he thought setting up "Natural Nylon" with fellow actors was a good idea)
      Sean: Charlie Chaplin had a company in the Twenties, United Artists, with Douglas Fairbanks and people like that. They were the first group to have an actor-based company. We thought it was a good idea.