Sean Schemmel





11/21/1968 , Waterloo, Iowa, USA

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Sean Schemmel began his voice acting career as the voices of Goku, King Kai, and Nail in the internationally acclaimed television series Dragonball Z, since then he's voice numerous characters in various anime, cartoons, and video games including, Shaman King (Amidamaru, Rio), Pokemon Chronicles (Jimmy), Yu Yu Hakusho, (Mr. Akashi, Roto) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Nobody, Skonk, Creature, Hebi), One Piece (Helmeppo, Hatchi, Kurubi) Dragonball Z Budokai I, II, III, as well as being the voice of "Jack" on the Saturday morning FoxBox block. In 2002, Sean was offered a full time position as an ADR Director for N.Y.A.V. Post where he has adapted for English and directed 4 different Japanese anime series including: Space Pirate Mito, Sadamitsu: The Destroyer, Seven Of Seven, and most recently Midori no Hibi (Midori Days). Most recently, he can be heard as the voice of Tetsugyu in N.Y.A.V Post's dub of Giant Robo. Formerly a classically trained musician Sean enjoys composing electronic music, computers, reading, philosophy, and sleep. Sean resides in the New York area and holds a Nobel prize in "making wacky voices".