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Sean Baby, Sean Reiley
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While most video game journalists have a fun time writing about video games, Seanbaby takes it to an all new extreme. Known for his outlandish behavoir and fondness for drinking, Seanbaby takes the video gaming industry by storm by giving honest and unedited reviews on games and the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • The nickname "Seanbaby" comes from when a female friend would say "Sean, baby!" when greating him.

    • One of the more popularly known events dealing with Seanbaby occured when he began a section of his website devoted to making fun of letters sent in to Nintendo Power magazine. After tearing apart a letter by a 30 year old man, the "man" found out and reportedly began harassing Seanbaby on his website. It was later revealed that the man on the website was not the same person who sent in the original letter. It is still unknown who the harasser was and some people still speculate that the prankster Seanbaby was behind it all.

    • Seanbaby is currently a writer for The Wave, an on-line zine covering the fashion, entertainment and technology of Silicon Valley.

    • Seanbaby collects rare out-of-print video tapes of celebrity instructional videos. He regulary goes to thrift stores to find them.

    • Seanbaby is currently writing for Chico and Guapo, a comedy show in development that soon will be airing on MTV2.

    • Seanbaby is one of the minds involved online with the Portal of Evil website/search engine. POE specializes in leading users not to "evil" sites, but to those people find unusual or weird as well as those that have poor web design.

    • Seanbaby is well known for frequently changing his hair color in fluorescent shades of colors.

    • He was a co-host for the radio program "The ATHENA Superpower Hour" on station KUOI 89.3 FM in his home state of Idaho.

    • In 2005, he celebrated his 100th on-air episode on the G4 network on an episode of Attack of the Show.

    • Seanbaby is an admirer of Mr. T, and he even often sports a mohawk.

    • Is a frequent writer for the video game magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly.

  • Quotes

    • Seanbaby: If you're offended by my insensitivity towards the literacy of country-western fans, you and the other cast members of Hee Haw are, of course, free to send angry letters. Actually, you can just send a nice letter, and I'll figure out how well you can read and write from its context.

    • Seanbaby: My academic background in psychology is limited to the chapter I skimmed from my roommate's textbook on the way to my psychology final.

    • Seanbaby: There are mixed theories on what makes a person a genius. As luck would have it, I don't know any of these theories.

    • Seanbaby: Robots, I hate robots. As much as I hate touching a public toilet, I hate it even more when the robot installed inside it gets to decide when or if it flushes.

    • Seanbaby: I just stepped in a big pile of sassy.

    • Seanbaby: It's impossible to do something cool without outraging someone. In fact, I usually judge how cool I'm being by how many angry people are following me with signs.

    • Seanbaby: As per my agreement with my liver, I got tore up.

  • What will he do next?

    Seanbaby is the type of journalist that everyone secretly wants to be. To have the ability to speak your mind with no censor and to enjoy a beer every once and awhile with friends. Seanbaby knows how to enjoy life. Sometimes you may agree with him, other times you may not. Either way he really doesn't care what you really think, he is just reporting on the silliness that is. And if he ticks off a few people here and there, then it's all the more better. he has his idols, he has his friends, and he has his opinions. That's all he needs...well that and a job.

    I enjoy reading his work because he tells it like it is. A lot of video game journalists take their jobs a little to seriously; Seanbaby likes his job, but wants to have fun in the process. Some may think he is rude, but utlimately he isn't afraid to be opinionated....and if you can't take it, stay away.moreless