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  • This guy is so funny

    Sean William Scott is so good at being an a-hole in movies its so funny. I really liked his role in all the American Pie movies. Very funny. He was also a great actor in Mr. Woodcock. Its so funny watching Sean actually being nice to people in movie. I think Mr. Woodcock was the only movie where I have seen actually serious.I really hope to see him in many other upsoming movies. Especially funny movies. This guy has got lots of talent and still has a lot time in his movie career. The one scene he played in Old School made me crap my pants (not actually).
  • empty

    Seann William Scott will forever be remembered for his role at Steve Stifler in the American Pie movies. While his comedic acting is great, his acting in other films that are not comedies leaves something to be desired. Still, you can't knock the fact that he is hilarious is all of his comedic films.
  • When I think of Seann William Scott, I think of talent, charisma, natural charm and a handsome man!

    I have enjoyed him in everything he has done! Whether it is the true genius of the way he plays "Stifler" or the understated grace in which he plays the sidekick to many a camera hog! His most attractive features are his natural charm, his soothing eyes, his sculpted body and that extremely unusual chin that sets him apart. My favorite role of his still has to be "American Wedding". Many could dismiss that role as easy but I would beg those to take another look at how effortlessly he takes us through the journey of a character in one film. The best part is that he actually entertains us every step of the way! He is a standout in every way!