Seb Castang

Seb Castang


6/14/1980, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England

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  • Good Looking and interesting young actor who has appeared in a couple of soaps and made a few notable guest appearances, and seems to always be turning up in the shows I watch!!moreless

    Always happy to see this guy turn up on screen. A good actor who could be a great one if he plays his cards right. Has shown his dark side in Night And Day and a lighter, cheekier side in Family Affairs. Has a very charming and and likeable presence on screen. However there are a few technical problems i noticed in his second stint in FA, such as turning of the head and looking away from the person he's acting opposite, indicating that the guy isn't totally confident in his abilities (or that he's picked up some bad habits), an odd thing to notice maybe but I have. He also maybe needs to 'let go,' a bit, perhaps he should get some theatre experience.

    Other than that he's a solid, good actor, emotionally it's all there and hopefully he'll improve even more with time, Definitely would love to see him do well and pop up in television and films in the future.

    Specific Highs: The storyline where Josh turned bad in Night And Day (would love to see this lad cast as a full on bad guy).

    The Storyline where Jake killed some people in Family Affairs, did some brilliant emotional acting and shocked a fair few people I think.moreless