Sebastian Arcelus

Sebastian Arcelus


11/5/1976, Queens, New York

Birth Name

Sebastian Roger Arcelus


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Sebastian Arcelus is an actor who loves to voices cartoon characters. Sometimes goes by Bastian A. or Bastian. He is best known for voicing Yoh Asakura and Zeke Asakura on "Shaman King".

He recently appeared on Broadway as Jan in Good Vibrations and as Roger Davis in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • From Roger to Fiyero, from Yoh to Hotaru, Sebastian Arecelus does everything from Broadway to anime and then some. Don't let the 4kids reputation fool you, Sebastian Arcleus is one of the great actors of our time.moreless

    I used to only know Mr. Arcelus for his work on 4kids dubbed animes such as Shaman King (Yoh), Yugioh (Espa Roba, Rex Raptor), and Winx Club (Timmy, Palladium). The Yugioh roles were minor, but Yoh was the main character on Shaman King, and he really proved himself worthy of the role. I can't imagine a more perfect voice for Yoh. While I'm not a fan of Winx Club, I have seen it, and I have heard his voice acting on it, and in my opinion, Mr. Arcelus is the best actor on the whole show. Considering how talented a lot of the 4kids VA's are, it's not surprising.

    Recently, I found out about Mr. Arcelus's other acting credentials, namely the Broadway ones. I did not see his performence in Rent, but I know the character Roger is one that takes a very talented actor and singer to play. Currently, Mr. Arcelus is playing Fiyero in the tour of Wicked. I was lucky enough to get tickets to the show just before they sold out, and I got to see him perform in person. Words cannot describe how AMAZING he was. He went from stuck-up to in love, to angry, sad, and every emotion in between. He sang; he danced; he swung in on a vine!

    Any performance Seabastian Arcelus has given has been absolutely incredible, and any character he has played has been blessed to have him portray them.moreless
  • I ageed with JudaiYuki he is the perfect Judai Yuki !!

    his voice is so good for those anime charters that are funny and sometime a goofy like Joey from Yugioh and Yoh from Shaman King. And since I am already a fan yugioh GX seen it in the Japaness I think he perfect 4kids better hider him Judai Yuki I pray to god that he could be Judai.