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  • Sebastian Stan has appeared in a number of movies and shows, most popular of which are The Covenant and Gossip Girl. More than just smoldering good looks, he shows a depth that is impressive for his young age… and it can only get better in time.

    The Romanian-born actor graduated from Rutgers University's Mason Gross School of the Arts. He got a role on Law & Order while at school, and later on went to work in several movies. His role as the antagonist on the cult hit The Covenant put him on Hollywood's radar for hot young talent. Despite all the fanfare because of his looks, his talent is what ultimately will have audiences notice him. Sebastian's work is more than just about looking great on-screen. His work ranges from theater to live readings to the big screen, taking on a variety of characters. If Sebastian's ability to play a diverse set of roles isn't enough to convince people of his talent, I think the fact that these roles were intense and complex will win both audiences and critics over. It's a shame that not many people have recognized his talent, particularly when he plays the edgy, troubled individual in a show/movie. Like in Kings, Sebastian pulls off every layer and angle of Prince Jack. His portrayal of Prince Jack Benjamin was haunting, in a way. And despite the fact that he's scheming and ruining lives, you can't help but be drawn to Prince Jack. That is Stan's doing, showing you a character's different, deeper dimensions without making it overly dramatic. He makes it look cool in a James Dean kind of anguish so that you can't help but be absorbed by the character. And if you want well-rounded, well Stan can also pull off a bit of comedy and tons of wit, playing eccentric roles like Leo in The Education of Charlie Banks and Harry in Spread. Sebastian demonstrates a depth and diversity that, for his young age, is beyond impressive. Comparisons to Hollywood icons like Paul Newman and James Dean have followed him for a while. Hopefully we'll get to see more of his acting skills, especially in well-written roles that'll keep reminding us of how alike he is to these movie stars. With talent and an aura reminiscent of old school greats, I wouldn't be surprised if Sebastian soon takes Tinseltown by storm.