Seidy Lopez

Seidy Lopez


Merida Yucatan, Mexico

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Seidy Guadalupe Lopez, Seidy López
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Seidy Lopez was born in Merida Yucatan, Mexico, where she lived until the age of four - when she moved to the USA.
When Lopez turned ten her parents took the family back to Yucatan where they she learnt how to properly read, write and speak the…more


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  • person: Seidy Lopez This bio was written with help from many different websites public and private. please let me know if this is not all the same person.

    This biography was written with help from multipule different websites public and private I am assuming with the help from private friends and or family and any similarities including,,,,,,any entry I could find relating names and people of interest. I am assuming Maria Seidy Lopez and Seidy Maria Lopez are the same people but are several different names and AKA's I am assuming this is all the same person if not please contact me to correct any mistakes or misrepresentations I am not sure how to diferentiate the difference between people if there are any sorry for any inconvinience.

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