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  • Too old and bad expressions. Now that she is apart of this show, my husband and I will not be watching. The same thing happened when she joined House, we stopped watching that too.

    Sorry, never have liked her. Unfortunately she was ok when she was younger, but the same thing happened when she came to the program, House, I just don't like her, she has this sour expression on her face that is a turn off. I'm sure she is a good person, but my husband and I just don't care for her as a likable and beleivable actor. Also her dress, she is too old to try to wear some of the things they have her in, she is an attractive woman, but again its this kind of stuck up expression she has on her face. I don't know, sorry can't stand her and will miss not watching the show. I miss the Greek lady, we really liked her.
  • I hope the show succeeds Good Luck to the cast and crew! Personally I would like to see Sela Ward in another role other than this one, but I'm sure with some changes I think she will excel in this role.

    Extremely talented actress. Award winning. I have followed some of her work. However I think this current role may not be suited for her and does not bring out her talented ability asthe wonderful actress that she is.But that may have to due with the writing and the poorly written scripts. I believe that the writing for the show is simply not beliveable, especialy for the New York viewers. Sometimes its embarassing to watch. Actors can only due so much with the material they are given. Some of the scrips are just not plausable. I think the writing difinetly needs to change. I would like to see the show succeed maybe with some changes the cast will excel to unexpected hights and the show will be number one! Good Luck! Celeste.Roth1
  • Squint, squint, squint.

    Sela Ward's addition to the CSI: NY cast is a mistake. All she does is squint, pose, and talk in a modulated know-it-all tone. It's a new day, honey. Didn't she get the memo? You can be tough without trying too hard to look like you're tough. Melina Kanakeredes had it down pat by season 2. Gary Sinise is a great actor but when you put his stoic cop-face next to Sela Ward's "I'm tough" look, it's almost too much. CSI producers and writers, please write Sela off the show and replace her with someone warmer, more human, more likable.
  • Wrong person for the ensemble cast!

    I've tried to give it some time before giving her a bad rap but time's over - get rid of Sela Ward. She just doesn't fit in with an ensemble cast that has been working great together season after season in the face of other cast changes. Sela Ward was a bad choice. She tries too hard - and seems to aim at making her character stick out above the others, even Mac, by being oh so cute with her witty repartee, but instead she's too obvious and annoying.
    Blah. Head her up and roll her out: Retire Sela Ward!
  • Jo is a no it all with a hillbilly accent. She also has no chemistry with Mac or any cleavage!

    Stella Ward looks like she ate something sour? Her character on house was uninspiring and this Jo from the south is a big time reach. A nosey no it all with no personality does not work with Mac's aura on the show. Where did the writers get her role from? Coming into this show with five or six strong caracters who have carved their roles for years she will bre lucky to last the season! Stick her in the morgue where her humor can shine with the other stiff personalities! Maybe she can show some sex appeal as a street walker in the next episode.
  • Sela Ward:A Beautiful and Amazing Actress

    I have been a fan of Sela since I first saw her on Emerald Point N.A.S. in 1983,I thought she was so beautiful. In 1991 she started on Sisters which would last until 1996, it is one of my absolute favorite shows ever.She was so good as Teddy Reed the alchoholic sister that she played to perfection. Then came Once and Again a critically acclaimed drama from 1999-2002 she was breathtaking as Lily Manning. I can't wait for her to start on CSI:NY this fall I know she will bring something amazing to the show.