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  • I hope the show succeeds Good Luck to the cast and crew! Personally I would like to see Sela Ward in another role other than this one, but I'm sure with some changes I think she will excel in this role.

    Extremely talented actress. Award winning. I have followed some of her work. However I think this current role may not be suited for her and does not bring out her talented ability asthe wonderful actress that she is.But that may have to due with the writing and the poorly written scripts. I believe that the writing for the show is simply not beliveable, especialy for the New York viewers. Sometimes its embarassing to watch. Actors can only due so much with the material they are given. Some of the scrips are just not plausable. I think the writing difinetly needs to change. I would like to see the show succeed maybe with some changes the cast will excel to unexpected hights and the show will be number one! Good Luck! Celeste.Roth1