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    *please note this is tenative and subject to change*


    I will not accept trivia that say "he" or "his" in the beginning of the piece of trivia. It must be fomatted like McCain, Sen. John McCain, Sen. McCain or something in that format. Thank you! Also, please provide sources for your trivia.


    Per standards all quotes must have the name of McCain, Sen. John McCain or Sen. McCain bolded using HTML start and end tags. The name is then followed by a colon, which is not bolded. The dialogue itself should not have quotation marks around it. There should be no spacing between different speakers' lines in the same quotation, or extra spacing after the last line of a quotation. Action/context/background description should be in parentheses (or brackets) and italics.

    How to Submit Proper Quotes

    Brooke: So that's the boy that beat Nathan?
    (Peyton nods)
    Brooke: Well, he's good from behind.

    < b >Character < /b >: Character Quote.
    < i > Character Action < /i >
    < b >Character< /b >: Character Quote.

    Please do NOT use any quotation marks.
    Please do not use < p > or < br > tags.
    Please put html tags for italics around any "action" (as shown above) -using < i > and < /i > tags.
    Please put the colon OUTSIDE of the < /b > html tags.

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