Sendhil Ramamurthy





5/17/1976 , Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Sendhil Amithab Ramamurthy




He was born in Chicago, Illinois, but raised in Texas. His parents, who are both from Tamil Nadu in Southern India, are both physicians. His father is an anesthesiologist, and his mother is a neonatologist. With two educated professionals raising him and his sister, they were both expected to make something of their lives

When he attended Tufts University, he needed one arts credit to graduate. With that in mind, he took an Intro to Acting course. Part of the requirement to pass the course was to perform in a stage play that the department was producing. Sendhil found himself performing in the stage play Our Country's Good and he was smitten. He knew from then on that he wanted to perform on stage or before the camera for a living.

His parents supported his decision even though they were surprised by it. They had gone so far as to offer to pay for his drama s in London, England. During this time, he had even worked as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, whose alumni includes acting legends like Alan Rickman, Patrick Stewart, Ben Kingsley, Vanessa Redgrave and Diana Rigg among many others.

As he began looking for work as an actor, he decided early on that he would not play stereotypical rolls. He understood that other actors had to do it, however distasteful, in order to pay the bills. He took advantage of the fact that his family was very well off and picked only the roles that appealed to him.

He has appeared in a variety of television shows including Casualty, Guiding Light, Ultimate Force, Grey's Anatomy, and Numb3rs. However, it was Tim Kring's role of Mohinder Suresh in the television phenomenon, Heroes, that propelled him to international stardom. His parents were so thrilled at his success that his father routinely e-mails him things that he found on Google about his son.

He has one sister, who is also a physician, doing a residency in a Combined Internal Medicine & Psychiatry program. In 1999, he married actress Olga Sosnovska and they have one daughter, Halina. Since he is Hindu and his wife is Catholic, they have decided to let their daughter choose her own faith when she is old enough to make an informed decision.