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Senses Fail


1/1/2002, Ridgewood, New Jersey

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Senses Fail is a five-member rock band formed in the year 2002. The five members of the band are Buddy Nielson, Garret Zablocki, Mike Glita, Dan Trapp, and Heath Saraceno.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • The song Rum is for Drinking Not For Burning is a quote from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

    • The song Let It Enfold You is named after a poem written by Charles Bukowski.

    • Senses Fail is mentioned in MC Lars's song Signing Emo

    • Dan Trapp is the former drummer of the band Not A Clue.

    • Senses Fail bassist Seton Mike Glita is also on the band Tokyo Rose.

    • Snses Fail's bassist Mike Glita graduated at Seton Hall Preparatory School in the year 2000.

    • Senses Fail's guitarist Garrett Michael Zablocki went to Pascack Valley High School.

    • Songs from Depths of Dreams

      2.Free Fall Without a Parachute
      3.Bloody Romance
      4.Dreaming a Reality
      5.The Ground Folds
      6.One Eight Seven

      Songs from Let It Enfold You

      1.Tie Her Down
      2.Lady in a Blue Dress
      3.You're Cute When You Scream
      4.Buried a Lie
      5.Bite to Break Skin
      6.Rum Is for Drinking, Not for Burning
      7.Slow Dance
      8.Choke on This
      9.NJ Falls into the Atlantic
      10.Let It Enfold You
      11.Irony of Dying on Your Birthday
      12.Angela Baker and My Obsession with Fire
      13.Martini Kiss

      Songs from Still Searching

      1.The Rapture
      3.Sick or Sane
      4.Can't Be Saved
      5.Calling All Cars
      6.Shark Attack
      7.Still Searching
      8.To All the Crowded Rooms
      9.Lost and Found
      10.Every Day is a Struggle
      ll. the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
      12.Negative Space
      13.He Priest and the Matador

    • When Depths of Dreams was re-released, it had five bonus tracks.

    • James Anthony Nielsen formed the band in 2002 when he was 18 years old.

    • Senses Fail's album Still Searching sold 200,000 copies.

    • When the band's EP From the Depths of Dreams was re-released in 2003 it sold 250,000 copies.

    • Senses Fail's band members:
      -Buddy Nielsen : Vocals
      -Garrett Zablocki : Guitar
      -Heath Saraceno : Guitar
      -Mike Glita : Bass
      -Dan Trapp : Drums

    • The band is signed by Vagrant Records and were formerly signed by Drive-Thru records.

    • Their song Institutionalized was on the soundtrack for Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.

    • The band was on the Vans Warped Tour in 2004-2006.

    • They got the name of their album Let it Unfold You from a poem by Charles Bukowski.

    • Senses Fail's singles
      1.Bloody Romance-2003
      2.Buried A Lie-2004
      3.Rum Is for Drinking, Not Burning-2005
      4.Calling All Cars-2006

    • This is Senses Fail's discography.
      From the Depths of Dreams
      Let it Unfold You-2004
      Still Searching-2006

    • The band's album Let it Unfold You sold 350,000 copies.

    • Their EP From The Depths of Dreams sold 1,000 copies.

    • They are a hardcore punk band.

  • Quotes

  • One of my new favorite bands!

    So a while back I let my friend go nuts putting songs on my iPod and I'm so happy that she put Senses Fail on there! They are such an amazing band!!!

    I love so many songs from Still Searching including Calling All Cars, Can't Be Saved, Lost and Found, and The Priest and the Matador. From Let it Enfold You I absolutely love NJ Falls into the Atlantic and Buried A Lie. And those aren't the only songs that I absolutely love of their's.

    I would definitely go and see them in concert given the oppurtunity. They have a really nice rock/emo/alternative sound and I really like that about them!moreless
  • A super good band if u love emo music! : )

    going to warp tour this summer this is band that i wanted to see.. i was right smack in the middle in the front.. they are super good live too.. Their music tells the truth about certain stuff and what you are going through. i just scream along with them and just love it. I could just listen to both of their cds over and over again. i recomnend the old one becuase i like that one better. The new cd is good too.. but is less screamy than the first one. just go to best buy and buy it right now!moreless