Sergei Fedorov

Sergei Fedorov


12/13/1969, Pskov, Russia

Birth Name

Sergei Victorovich Fedorov



Also Known As

Sergei Victorovich Fedorov, The Russian Rocket
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Sergei is a professional ice hockey forward in the National Hockey League. He currently plays for the Columbus Blue Jackets, but was best known for his years on the Detroit Red Wings. He was originally drafted by the Detroit Red Wings in the 1989 NHL Entry Draft, fourth…more


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    • Sergei Fedorov: I really love the Detroit area and all of its suburbs. But around the country, I like Chicago and New York. Los Angeles in the summertime is really hard to beat.

    • Sergei Fedorov: I'm a very, very, happy person who knows how bad and how good life can be and knows how to manage things properly. I know how to have fun and respect people. The most important part is I know how to be myself and not be confused with the other things I don't need in this world.

    • Sergei Fedorov: I would like to be able to play well enough to be considered again for the Selke Trophy. I want to prove to myself that I can still be good at both ends.

    • Sergei Fedorov: I know how I play, what I can do. My teammates help me. They know how I play. They have faith in me.

    • Sergei Fedorov: (on the 2001 NHL season) I'm having fun out there. I've put a lot of the other stuff out of mind and concentrated on just hockey. It's made the game a lot of fun this year.

    • Sergei Fedorov: It's not over until it's over. I guess I like that phrase right now more and more.

    • Sergei Fedorov: (on what he'd do if hockey didn't exist) I'd invent hockey.

    • Sergei Fedorov: Those people have to get close to their TV screens and try to recognize the real game of hockey, not who scores, who assists, and who made saves. I wish they'd see how much we sweat at practice, not the game. The game is not the same. Every practice they should see us riding the bike and moving weights.

    • Sergei Fedorov: (while still with the Red Wings) I hope I stay with the Red Wings a long time. I like all the friends -- fans, you say -- who are cheering us on to victory.

    • Sergei Fedorov: This is my home now. I may return to Russia to visit my parents, my relatives, take a vacation, maybe even stay a long time. But I would like t live in the States. I like this country and I love Detroit.

    • Sergei Fedorov: Being a young man and coming into a new country and having only hockey skills and nothing else - at all, it was pretty exciting; at the same time it was difficult outside of the hockey rink to sort of figure out what's going on around you. But I matured as quick as I could.

    • Sergei Fedorov: I don't mind signing autographs. I don't like doing it before the game, though. I have too many things on my mind.

    • Sergei Fedorov: I love signing autographs for little kids. They're unbelievable the way they get so excited. They get the autograph, and then they show it to their friends. It's like you see the sun coming out from behind the shadows. They are smiling so bright.

    • Sergei Fedorov: (on his Russian salary) I won't tell you salary. If I am going to say my salary, everyone who came from this country here is going to laugh at me.

    • Sergei Fedorov: (on his American citizenship) Nothing has changed. My roots and education are Russian. I'm still Russian, no question.

    • Sergei Fedorov: Baseball is a very nice game. I try to learn but I don't know. I hit the ball, I'm out. Hit the ball, out.

    • Sergei Fedorov: I have a simple life. I usually stay at home, watch TV, read or go to the show. When I read I try to read English-language books. Sometimes, I walk around the mall and just watch the people.

    • Sergei Fedorov: (on why he doesn't say much in interviews) I can't because I don't speak perfect English yet.

    • Sergei Fedorov: (on learning english) I try, sometimes I just get stuck. I forget some words and I get so frustrated my head just aches.

    • Sergei Fedorov: (on playing defense) I wasn't shocked, but a little surprised maybe looked comfortable in his new surroundings. Playing with Chelly was fun. There's not much you can do. I've done it before (play defense). We won the game and it was very satisfying. I don't think about whether I like it or don't like it. I try to get on with it and do my best, not make any mistakes, and help the team win.

    • Sergei Fedorov: (on playing defense) It's something I enjoy, defense. I have to do it. It's something I was taught a long time ago at home. It helps the rest of my game.

    • Sergei Fedorov: (on winning the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings) You see all the people around here, they give us so much support. I never thought we have so many friends and so many fans that can support us. I'm telling you, I've been drinking champagne all night long, that's how I feel right now. It's great. Do we have any more champagne around here? No more champagne?

    • Sergei Fedorov: (on winning the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings) I felt so crazy, I think actually I jumped.

    • Sergei Fedorov: Everyone on the team wants to do this, to win the Cup, and you know why? Because it is going to be fun!

    • Sergei Fedorov: (talking about playing with Brett Hull) It's very different because he's an awesome player. He reads the same picture I do so it helps to communicate. It's like playing with my Russian comrades. It's fun playing with Brett.

    • Sergei Fedorov: Playing with great players out there really helps. I'm playing a lot and I don't mind that at all.

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