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  • Hello...E Channel???

    Think about it, it is a NO-BRAINER...Seth should be hosting E-Talk Soup. He is real, funny, and witty as it gets...There was no acting involved when he was on the reality TV Show Kept. Seth was being Seth. I think Talk Soup is as dry as it gets right now, he would be perfect for the show...
  • How lucky can one woman be? Not only is she a millionaire, she gets to be in the company of a seriously funny man for a year!!!

    I must say that I have never been a huge fan of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jaggar, or Jerry Hall. I still don\'t know how Jerry Hall got a show like Kept in the first place. I guess the obvious reason is the money factor. When that show first aired I was completly turned off, except when I layed eyes on Seth. He is the reason that I tuned in every Thursday night after work, and he is the reason that I watched the show until the very end. Not only is he funny, he is absolutly gorgeous as well. Everyone else in that cast had dark intentions when it came down to it. Most of them were so arrogant, it made it hard to watch and almost turned me into a lesbian. All I can say is that I haven\'t been able to get Seth out of my head, and I hope in sometime in the future he will grace the tv and charm us all again.moreless