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  • ur ace

    i have only seen him in two thing but in both he did his part perfectly and always will
  • superb

    I've only seen him on Family guy, and the occasional Robot chicken episode, but Seth Green is one talented man. He is very funny in both his role of Chris Griffin (amongst others on Family Guy), and creating/writing (whatever else he does) for Robot Chicken. I definitely want to see more of him in the future, but Seth green is a very funny man and I think he will go pretty far in life. I'll be pretty surprised if he does not. He is talented, he just needs to use it more to his own personal advantage, and he will definitely be one of the great voice-actors
  • I love Seth Green!

    Seth Green is such an under appreciated actor. He can do comedy, he can do drama and he is a writer and a producer. His character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Oz, is one of my favorite characters and him in that show is my dream. He played the quiet, yet intelligent Oz perfectly. He was so sweet and cute in that show it was amazing. His constantly changing hair color on the show because he was off filming other things just proves that he can rock any look. Even in his non-Oz roles he is really good. He was hilarious in all the Austin Powers movie and he is really good in The Italian Job, he like made that movie for me. His character in Can't Hardly Wait was really funny as well as he played the white boy who thinks he is tough perfectly. He is a really amazing actor and I love everything that he has been in and I can't wait to see where his career goes from here.
  • Daniel "Oz" Osbourne

    Even though Seth is better known for his comedic choices I've never been able to forget his role as Oz on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I've seen him in many things since then and he is a good comedic actor and that's obviously where he feels most comfortable but it doesn't seem like he gives himself enough credit. Over his time of Buffy the Vampire Slayer he was very memorable and could pull off everything he needed to pull off. Oz's stoic behavior, the sweet and romantic moments with co-star Alyson Hannigan and even the heavy emotive moments that popped up for him now and again. I just think he's better then some of the roles he has taken.
  • Seth Green is one of my all time favorite actors.

    Seth is a fabulous actor. He has the most amazing sense of humor.

    For instance, on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Seth played Oz and he had a very serious sense of humor. Seth could say his line with a straight face while everyone else of cracking up.

    Also, in the film "Italian Job," Seth was hilarious! I could not stop laughing at all of his out burst, "I am the Napster," and so on.

    Not to mention, how gorgeous he is. Seth looks absolutely handsome in whatever he wears, from a tuxedo to blue jeans and a tee-shirt.

    It takes a very strong man to be comfortable with his height. Personally, I think Seth wears his height at ease and fabulously. Seth is one of a kind.
  • Great Actor!!!!

    He Is A great Actor I Love Robot Chicken And Family Guy! I Wonder How Many People He Plays As? I Know He Plays As Chris On Family Guy And I Know He Plays As Himself On Robot Chicken!Him And Matt Are Freaking Genuises!For Making Robot Chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Know He Plays As Dr.Evil's Son On Austin Powers! I Can't Wait For Season 3 Of Robot Chicken to Start! And I Can't Wait For Season 7 Of Family Guy To Start! I Wonder How Many Shows He Has Been On?! Probaly A Really Lot of Shows!!! Robot Chicken Is Like Favorite Show!!
  • empty

    He has appeared in certainly a lot of good and funny movies, and he certainly tries hard to take on his maximum of potential with his acting style. I really like the way he acts, and everything that he does is always very cool, I really like his style, and I really think that he is a good actor.
  • empty

    Seth Green has come a long way in his film career. From playing Dr. Evil's son to starring in his own movies, Seth Green has proven that he can act. Not only can he act in comedies, but he can also pull off roles in action movies (e.g., "The Italian Job") just as well. I hope that his career keeps on moving in a positive direction.
  • he's a gangstaa in can\'t hardly wait. he's a singer in josie and the cats ( won't let me put in that word) he's a werewolf in buffy/angel. he's british in some movie i don't know what, he can act as anything. he is amazing.

    woah. this guy, seth green, is my absolute favorite actor. always and forever he will be! haha. it\'s just, anything he does he nails. at least i think so. he was amazing in can\'t hardly wait& buffy the vampire slayer& that 70s show& josie and the ****amp; i don\'t know what the movie was fricken called but he had to be british in it and he nailed that too. he\'s just amazing and can do any movie or TV show that he wants to do. also, i loove all the quotes he has listed here at they\'re real amazing. he\'s amazing. i love himmm. he\'s definitely, definitely, definitely my absolute freakinn favorite actor. yayayayayay.
  • he's cool

    He many be short be his talent is bigger then Mt. Everest, if he could bottle his talent and sell it he would not need to act. The charters he plays he gives them meaning when he played Oz in Buffy girls were going ahhhhhhhhh then when guest stared in That 70’s Show as the guy that threatened Fez you knew he met it a that he wasn’t messing about. Ok in Family Guy he play stupid kid named Chris but he make Chris cool. Seth Green has guest stared in many things and he will continue to shock and surprise ardencies everywhere.
  • A great all round performer!

    Seth is one of few original and distinct to appear over the past decade or so. A true all round entertainer with memorable performances as a werewolf in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and also in Austin Powers where he plays the role of Scott Evil, aswell as many other impressive outings. He has since been invloved in numerous voice overs, most notably as Chris Griffin in Family Guy. Seth's inate ability has only really been revealed as the short model figure animated show Robot Chicken, gains more and more popularity. In which Seth writes and stars, doing many of the voices for a huge cast of characters. His unique approach to mocking TV and current events brings it's audiences to fits of laughter with every show.
  • seth green is an actor

    seth green stars in robot chicken and family guy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .... ... ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ........... ........... ....................... ............................ dots are fun hi his and him ah ha c h r i s how many words does it have to be he is cool actor an i think of any more in family guy heplays chris and various he also created robot chicken and directed it and stard in it
  • The King of Comedy.

    Seth Green is the funniest man in Hollywood. You my mostly know him as the voice of Chris Griffin on Family Guy but thats not the only thing he does. He's the creator of one of my favorite shows Robot Chicken if you watched on of the episodes to that you'll laugh harder then watching an episode of Seinfeld. Seth Green is also very talented as Oz on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and words can not discribe how funny he was in Greg the Bunny. Seth Green will always be one of my favorite actors/comidians and he will never make me stop laughing.
  • One of the funniest actors

    Seth Green is in a lot of my favourite movies, starring as terrific characters, my favourite probably being his role as Scott Evil in the Austin Powes movies, his interaction with Mike Myers as Dr Evil being priceless and I really can\'t picture another actor playing Scott.

    He is also a very good voice actor for the cartoon Family Guy and has Chris' voice down to a tee and while it may not be the best show, it has its moments and Seth's voice of Chris is a fantastic addition to the show.

    Whether in movies or television, Seth Green will always be a hilarious actor.
  • One of my favorite actors EVER.

    The first movie I remember seeing Seth Green in is Can't Hardly Wait, and from then on, he has gone into my top five favorite actors. I was pretty bummed when Four Kings was cancelled, because, although I am a bit partial to anything Seth Green is in, I thought the show was actually starting to become pretty good, but that's all water under the bridge now. With voice acting in Family Guy and producing Robot Chicken, fans still have their fair share of Seth Green on television. After watching him on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, reading some interviews, and watching some of the behind the scenes extras on the Robot Chicken DVD, I think it's safe to say that he is truly a down-to-earth guy that would be awesome to have as a friend. All in all, Seth Green is an awesome actor whose movies are a huge part of my DVD collection.
  • Very talented actor.

    I think Seth Green is one of the best actors out there, and very underappreciated when compared to people like Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom.
    Definetly one of my favourite actors.

    His work in the Austin Powers movies is just hilarious.
    His work in comedies is great but work in other movies like Italian Job is well above average too.

    The guy is just great all round.
  • Wow such a great actor........

    Seth Green has always been one of my favorites. he's been in some of my favorite things like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Austin Powers 1,2, & 3. Also, Family Guy he's great and only getting better and some other favorites of his for me is Rat Race it was so funny.
  • Seth Green is talented and cute...but he is old for me!

    Seth Green is talented and cute...but he is old for me! I like when he is play in movies...and I like when is play the voice of Chris Griffin!
    Seth is the best, but in Austin Powers, her hairs was...( but is sweet always!)I prefer when he play in Buffy !
  • so many talents so little time

    this guy has so many talents hes hotter then hot ive loved him since before buffy. how he started all these great shows and even has his own production company how hot is that. so many talents so little time.. i cant wait to see what esle hes' going to do with his movie carrer
  • I love Seth Green so much!

    I think that he is so incredibly talented. He has a charm that no other has. He is genuinely funny without even having to try. I have loved him in everything he has ever been in. I originally fell in love with him in Can't Hardly Wait and I have loved him every since. I think he is an amazing actor and I love that he is the voice of Chris on Family Guy
  • He was a great Scott Evil in the Austin Powers movies, and does a great voice for Chris Griffin in Family Guy.

    This guy is very talented. His acting in the Austin Powers movies was great, as he made the character all that he could. His voice acting for Chris Griffin in Family Guy is great as well. He also created Robot Chicken and does some voices in it, and he's pretty good there too. He's also funny in all of the things that he is in.
    Overall, a great actor.
  • Very funny.

    The only movie with Seth Green I have seen is "Without a Paddle". I think the entire movie was one of the funniest movies ever. I also watch the show Family Guy and I think Seth Green does a great job doing the voice of Christopher Cross Griffin. I hope his comedy keeps up.
  • Great in films, Tv, and of Course Buffy

    Seth Green is another member of the Buffy/Angel Saga who apeared in both shows, but one of the few that were big before they got there.

    Seth Played one of the kids in the flash back scenes of Steven King's It, but he hit really big with comedy movies like,Scooby-Doo 2, Idle Hands, Austin Powers, Without a Paddle, and Can't Hardly Wait. But that is not all He was in Dramas and Action Movies such as Knockaround Guys, and The Italian Job. He also does alot of Tv shows and is great. He played Jimmy Bender in the cult followed show Greg the Bunny. In Family Guy he played Chris Griffin and so many other voices, that it seems at times that he does half the voices in some of the episodes. He also did many Great cameos like Mitch Miller in That '70s Show and supplying voices for many cartoons.

    In my opinion, which is what this sight is all about people's opinion, Seth Greens greatest show is Suprise, Suprise, was when he played Oz in Buffy/ reprised it in Angel.

    Daniel "Oz" Osborne, was a guitarist, and boyfriend of pre gay willow. He was always quick with a dry comeback and was really sarcastic. He was a really good add-on cause this ment that Xander had another guy to bouce Guy stuff like comic heros off of and made many jokes work like the time that they argued about different colors of Kryptonite. Oz was also a werwolf, and that was also really cool.

    Seth Green is a really good actor and I know that he will do alot more great things in the future.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • I love Seth Green!

    He is the coolest and most funny actor ever! Him and Richard Cox are really good actors. I know Seth Green has been in a lot of things I wish he was in more things! My mom and me love him. We were watching this movie one time and it was called "Big Business" And Seth Green was just a little guy he probably only about 6 and he was running around in his P.J.'s it was soooooo cute! That is probably the only part in that movie that I like the rest of it is just stupid. Well, I love you Seth Green!!!!!!
  • Cool & Hip

    I Have to admot that Seth as on now has had the most susess of all the Buffy cast & he wasn\'t even one of the main cast !!! He;s increaadabally funny & i laughed mmy ass off @ Without A Paddle & most of his other movies. If there ever was a Buffy spinn-off i\'d love ot see Seth repries his Role As Oz as a hero werewolf !!! He & Aly were s ocute together in My Stepmother Is An Alien !!!!
  • ^had to pick on

    Wow this guy is alright i mean wow just wow when he was on buffy it was cool but like when he left it pretty much went down hill i thought but now family guy and american dad hmmmmm makes u think what else does he have for us ;) but family guy is just awesome and thats enough a 100 word count huh hmmmm sorry just going to fill up some space . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Seth Green is one of the most talented and funniest actors in history. He is the best at what he does. Be sure to watch any of his upcoming appearances and watch his best shows/movies Austin Powers, Family Guy, Buffy the Animated Series, and Without A P

    Seth Green is the most funniest actor I\'ve ever watched and heard. I think his most funniest appearences and voices are Family Guy, Austin Powers, and Without A Paddle. He is very talented at what he does. He is one of my all-time favourites. He can change his personality for any character whether it\'s Chris Griffin, Scott Evil, or even a woman. He can act any part. He is one of the best at what he does and he deserves thousands of awards. My all-time favourite character he plays is Chris Griffin on Family Guy (the funniest cartoon in the history of all cartoons). If you hear about Seth Green making an appearance in any show and/or movie, be sure to watch and tell lots of people to also.
  • I love Seth Green. I am a big fan and he's the best actor ever!

    He's such an great actor and I'm such a big fan of his. I think he's incredibly talented. I've seen most of the movies and TV shows that he's been in and they all make me like him even more. I think he will be a great actor for many more years!
  • this guy rules!!

    I love this guy!! lol 1st spotted him in buffy where i became shall we say.....obessed.Began lookin for his other work and have enjoyed most of it [austins powers,stepmother etc] but 'without a paddle' was a mistake as is 'horror in the attic'.despite these blips i still thinks he is one of our most talented actors today long live seth green ....