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  • he's a gangstaa in can\'t hardly wait. he's a singer in josie and the cats ( won't let me put in that word) he's a werewolf in buffy/angel. he's british in some movie i don't know what, he can act as anything. he is amazing.

    woah. this guy, seth green, is my absolute favorite actor. always and forever he will be! haha. it\'s just, anything he does he nails. at least i think so. he was amazing in can\'t hardly wait& buffy the vampire slayer& that 70s show& josie and the ****amp; i don\'t know what the movie was fricken called but he had to be british in it and he nailed that too. he\'s just amazing and can do any movie or TV show that he wants to do. also, i loove all the quotes he has listed here at they\'re real amazing. he\'s amazing. i love himmm. he\'s definitely, definitely, definitely my absolute freakinn favorite actor. yayayayayay.