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  • Great in films, Tv, and of Course Buffy

    Seth Green is another member of the Buffy/Angel Saga who apeared in both shows, but one of the few that were big before they got there.

    Seth Played one of the kids in the flash back scenes of Steven King's It, but he hit really big with comedy movies like,Scooby-Doo 2, Idle Hands, Austin Powers, Without a Paddle, and Can't Hardly Wait. But that is not all He was in Dramas and Action Movies such as Knockaround Guys, and The Italian Job. He also does alot of Tv shows and is great. He played Jimmy Bender in the cult followed show Greg the Bunny. In Family Guy he played Chris Griffin and so many other voices, that it seems at times that he does half the voices in some of the episodes. He also did many Great cameos like Mitch Miller in That '70s Show and supplying voices for many cartoons.

    In my opinion, which is what this sight is all about people's opinion, Seth Greens greatest show is Suprise, Suprise, was when he played Oz in Buffy/ reprised it in Angel.

    Daniel "Oz" Osborne, was a guitarist, and boyfriend of pre gay willow. He was always quick with a dry comeback and was really sarcastic. He was a really good add-on cause this ment that Xander had another guy to bouce Guy stuff like comic heros off of and made many jokes work like the time that they argued about different colors of Kryptonite. Oz was also a werwolf, and that was also really cool.

    Seth Green is a really good actor and I know that he will do alot more great things in the future.

    "Quote Nevermore"