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  • His taste for comedy is disturbing

    Who thinks that jokes about murder, assult and other disturbing issues are funny? This guy I am writing about. He is so insensitive to serious issues and has no decency to quality. And Seth, I HATE Family Guy, a show that deserves an M rateing and cancellation, again.
  • He's underrated and my influence

    What is wrong with most of these people? Why are they always hating on Seth MacFarlane? He's a great person. He's just known for making raunchy jokes which are pretty hilarious in my opinion. Family Guy and American Dad are the best adult shows and they influence me to write off color humor story. That's right, I write a lot of violent and profane jokes (and a tad less sexual) in my stories. That's what make my stories hilarious. As the Cleveland Show, it is just okay but I won't picture it as a great show. Cleveland Brown just become a different person in his show however. And people are crazy if they prefer this over FG and AD. I still freakin' love Family Guy to this day and I'll still do until it fades away from television. I may understand why Seth and his fellow writers make it violent, raunchy and too much filler scenes, but the show is still worth watching. I'm just glad the show is back to the way it was. It was in the decline side for a few years before returning to more great episodes and less bad episodes last season. I hope the writers can continue to impress me until the show ends. As for American Dad, it's isn't going downhill either. It just got out from a weak season last year. This season so far had been an improvement. Some are already going to complain about Family Guy's writer Steve Callaghan taking over. Look, fellas, Steve's a great writer on FG, and I hope just hope he'll do well next season. The Cleveland Show will has erratic grades depending on the plots. So overall, Seth is a great person and he already had influenced me to write adult jokes. His voice actor and singing are superb as well and I liked all of his characters and they tend to get jerky/annoying at times but still enjoyable. 9/10
  • Oh, Seth

    Can you name one episode of Family Guy or American Dad where menstruation is not mentioned in some way or another?
  • Great voice actor.

    Funny.Was good on "SNL".
  • Funny

    One talented, hot and intelligent person.Can sing, act and animate superbly!
  • What happened to you?

    What happened to this guy? From legend to an infamous guy. Now, those green ratings that he gets, he doesn't deserve it anymore. He's more of an overrated guy now. He ran out of ideas because of money. All of the remaining things in his arsenal are now kid humor like poops and farts. Why? I liked it when he produced a good humor, a dark, satiric, fantastic humor! Now he's all watered down. The 3 epic cartoons he made just sank by itself, I mean this guy. As Whoahwoah312 said, this guy is always seen at credits like 10 times. It's an evidence of his madness in his power and money. Rest in your bed now.
  • An overrated writer that is just running out of ideas


    Now lets be honest,Fox is giving this guy so much attention,and in my opinion,is just a greedy jerk. Seth Mcfarlane is just stupid these days. Now,he wasn't all that bad. He helped work on CN shows like Johnny Bravo,and was great. However,ever since he made Family Guy,and during it's seasons of downhill,he is just running out of ideas. The first thing I noticed is that he ALWAYS go first during the show. He goes first during the opening credits,the voices,the executive producer,you name it. Seriously,give the others a chance,man. But that's not all,he always writing the same jokes over and over again,and some of them are not even funny anymore. I mean,come on! Fart jokes are not funny anymore,Seth! And he doesn't even try hard,he just throws in an idea,and boom,that's a joke. I mean,no one wants to see Peter's least favorite celebrities or a music video for god sake. I'm starting to believe how South Park says that two seals out balls of words together,and that's how they make a joke. But not only that he writes the same jokes over and over again,he's writing the same shows. I mean,American Dad,Family Guy and The Cleveland Show are the same show,except different characters. Overall,he is such a jerk,and I can't stand him. He will also ruin the Flintstones with that idiotic reboot. I just hate him.

  • Once a genius, now a man who just has lost focus and is just in it for the money

    Seth MacFarlane is one of the biggest names to be recognized in animated shows. He worked on Cow and Chicken, Phineas and Ferb, and What a Cartoon. Seth though is more recognized with his hot shows, Family Guy and American Dad. At one point in his career, Seth was a genius who made us all laugh with his shows, and he was always providing us wacky and hilarious jokes in his shows and he looked like he knew what he was doing with his shows and was taking care of them. But then when Seth created The Cleveland Show, it showed the dark side of Seth, and after airing that show, his other hit show, Family Guy started to tank as well. Seth seems to have now forgotten who he was once, a comedic genius who made us laugh, but now he seems to just in it for the money and he doesn't seem to care that his shows have bad jokes or are rip offs of others. It's so sad to see MacFarlane fall from everything he once was and has now turned into another greedy animated creator in it for the money and make his shows go from comedy gold, to plain crap, with the exception of American Dad. Seth needs to stop making shows and take care of his shows again instead of just trying to make more money in the animated business. Seth can do better than this and he needs to get it together, or else see his career end and all his shows get canceled.
  • He is a horrid writer with no talent,and he is way to overrated!!!!!!!!!!!! But I Like American Dad Though!

    Seth Macfarlane is an overrated writer with 2 bad shows: Family Guy and The Cleveland Show,but surprisingly 1 good show American Dad! And He Has Stupid Jokes That Are Either About 9/11 or Sex!! And He Just Copies Of Ideas From Good Shows Like The Simpsons or Futurama (Matt Groening Wannabe!). But I Like American Dad because It's Different From The Cleveland Show and Family Guy. The Jokes Are Funny,American Dad Dos'ent Copy Off Other Shows,The Characters Are Likable,And ECT. And Seth Deciding Not Only To Give Us Bad Programming, But Deciding To Ruin Our Childhood Memories By Making A Flintstones Reboot,And It's Gonna Be Full Of Farting and Cussing!!!

    Dear Seth Macfarlane, If You Are Reading This, Your Shows Are Going Downhill Fast, And Your Only Good Show Is American Dad,So Either Make All Your Shows Like American Dad, Or Cancel All Your Shows!!! Yours Truly, Mahesh2001
  • In my HONEST opinion, I don't think Seth MacFarlane should get so much hate and I do think that he is a great creator and writer

    Okay, I agree with all of you people that Seth MacFarlane can offend people in so many ways when he puts racist, religious, and political jokes on his shows. He is the creator of "Family Guy", "American Dad", and "The Cleveland Show". Even though Seth MacFarlane happens to offend people all over the world, I honestly don't think that he should get so much hate. I think that Seth MacFarlane is a great creator and writers of all three of his shows. I still really like "Family Guy" even it lost some of its charms. I still like "American Dad" even though it's not my favorite cartoon. "The Cleveland Show" is barely a good cartoon but it isn't that funny. Anyways, I just think that Seth MacFarlane really needs to pick it up and be careful of what he puts in his shows. I think that he should stop using racist, religious, and political jokes and then everyone would love "Family Guy" again if he goes with the flow like he does in "American Dad" except I like "Family Guy" a little more than "American Dad". Overall, Seth MacFarlane is a great writer and creator of his three shows and I actually do think that he is a genius of making cartoons that aren't for kids. 8/10
  • overrated!!!!

    seth isnt a smart guy or a great cartoonist hes a dumb Pr!c& that is just in it for the money ask yourself this would a real cartoonist have time fillers, pointless cutaways that the majority of the time are just their to make the episode 30 minutes, 3 minutes of conway twitty?, reuseing jokes until the point till their not even remotely funny, useing a charater(brain) for all his political views. do you see matt and trey do this or matt greoning NOOOOOOO you wanna know why because there actully creative and funny and have talent. the only show i like from him is american dad but that isnt really his show he just voices stan and roger and takes credit for the entire thing!
  • he doesnt have any talent

    Im sick and tired of this guy i used to like family guy but now its a terrible show and just a despert cry for attention the cleveland show is absolutly horrible american dad is suprisingly funny and its his only funny show better yet his only watchable show. Seth once was talented but hes lost it all family guy is now just time fillers, and repetitive jokes they struggle to fill up every episode now. The clevleand show doesnt really have time fillers ive only seen 2 episodes so i could be wrong but its still painfully unfunny and unoriginal with the characters and plots. American dad is a great show and unlike the other two this is very funny and original if you really are a fan of family guy of a fan of seth youll just watch this one and forget about family guy and the cleveland show.
  • Seth Macfarlane is a funny talented and from what I found out a nice guy.

    I have really grown to like Seth. I find both his show's American Dad and Family Guy have become two of my favorite shows. He goes voices pretty good. I have found out Seth has a gentler side. Seth has donated quiet a bit of money to charities and to good causes. I had writen him a fan letter never thinking he would send me an autographed piture of the griffin family. He signed it him self along with the other voice cast members. I could tell it was real because the ink wiped off a little. Any guy who answers his fan mail and donates to good causes is all right in my book.
  • He's not so great

    Seth Macfarlane is probablly one of my least favorite tv creators. First of all, Family Guy is a blatent rip-off of the simpsons, which goes to show how much creativity he has that he can't even come up with an original concept. He did come up with 3 sharp seasons of Family Guy, but then when it was revived, he made it worse. First of all, the cut-aways are stupid as they don't relate to the plot at all. Then, he made 2 spin-offs of Family Guy, one of which I care for at all (although American Dad is hilarious). He needs to get his crap off our tv's NOW! 4.5/10 F
  • Pretty good but no legend

    I use to love Seth's writing back when he did Hanna-Barbera cartoons but it seems that his writing is getting worse and worse as time goes on. Think about it, how can you go from Dexter's Laboratory to the cheap gags in Family Guy? He used to write strong plots in the shows he worked on but ever since Family Guy got canceled the second time in 2002 he's really slacking off. He knows that he can write garbage yet people will still love it. This is really seen when he created American Dad. The plots are pretty strong and so are the jokes. Seth can make good shows. But he doesn't want to. That's why he made The Cleveland Show. So he could make more crappy episodes and get loads of money doing it. It's a pretty genius plan but it sucks the quality away from the shows. Overall he's a decent voice actor, and a decent writer
  • Eh

    I know I am going to get pummeled by this {for having a different opinion, no doubt}, but I think Seth is really overrated. Creator of Family Guy {can be good}, American Dad {i hear is good}, and Cleveland Show {basically Family Guy with Cleveland and his friends/family}, he has an interesting resume. His shows either have lots of fans, or no fans. If you don't watch Family Guy at my school, you're basically nothing. But really, I think all of his shows are overrated. I am sorry if I am making fans of him mad, but it is my honest opinion that I think he is an overrated TV creator
  • Oh my GOD! I love Seth MacFarlane! Sexy AND funny! It's great! I stay up until 2 a.m to watch "Family Guy" since my mother hates it, but, it's worth it. I love Family Guy and American Dad.

    I love Seth because his sense of humor is exactly like mine. I laugh until it hurts when I watch Family Guy. I absolutely adore him and even though he's seventeen years older, I would date him! He's got an amazing voice also. It's beautiful. When he sings, I melt. I would love to meet him in person and hear his beautiful, magnificant voice infect my ears with the magic that it is. Thank God for Seth Woodbury MacFarlane! The man I adore and love. If you haven't seen American Dad then you're a Nazi Just playing, but, still that's a good show. I've realized that the man has an encyclopedia of voices that I love to hear. Plus, I've figured out, from extensive watch, that on both MacFarlane classics, they have a talking animal who loves the mother in the show (Brian and Klaus) and an alcoholic pet (Brian and Roger). So, I salute you Seth W. MacFarlane, keep up the amazing comedic work!
  • He used to be OK but now he only has one joke, and it's getting kind of old. I used to be a huge fan of Family Guy too, but not so much anymore.

    What a hack, all he does is tell people who can't think for themselves what to think about certain things, it was funny before it started getting so forced. I used to ignore the fact that he copied most of his material from the Simpsons and other show, but not that Family Guy isn't as funny any more it's hard to do. That's just my opinion, and that's fine if you disagree but really look at why you watch the show and then tell me it's not partly for the propganda, alot of the people who think he is funny, just because he tells them what they want to hear.
  • Plagurist.

    Seth MacFlarne is nothing but a plagurist. He can't even come up with an idea for a show so what did he do? He just copied Simpsons. He just made a few changes.
    Homer is a fat drinking retard so is Peter. Marge is the mom of the house who had a gambling problem.
    Homer has three drinking buddies Barney, Lenny, and Carl so does Peter he has Cleveland, Joe, and Quagmire.
    Chris is just another copy of Homer only 13.
    One of Homers drinking buddies is black who is Carl for Peter he has Cleveland.
    There are a ton of other stuff that he plagurized.
  • Basically he is just a plagurist.

    Seth MacFlarne is nothing but a plagurist. He can't even come up with an idea for a show so what did he do? He just copied Simpsons. He just made a few changes.
    Homer is a fat drinking retard so is Peter. Marge is the mom of the house who had a gambling problem.
    Homer has three drinking buddies Barney, Lenny, and Carl so does Peter he has Cleveland, Joe, and Quagmire.
    Chris is just another copy of Homer only 13.
    One of Homers drinking buddies is black who is Carl for Peter he has Cleveland.
    There are a ton of other stuff that he plagurized.
  • He just can't do voices.

    Seth MacFarlane is a great comedy writer, a wonderful director, and an awesome cartoon producer, who has worked on many, many cartoons, such as Johnny Bravo and Dexter's Laboratory, and the more recently Family Guy and American Dad. But when it comes to voices, he is very limited. He does way too many voices on Family Guy than he should do. I think that he should just stick to the five major characters (Peter, Stewie, Brian, Quagmire, and Tom Tucker), but since his ego is way too large, he thinks that he can do all these different voices. He does so many voices, that just about every background character in Family Guy sounds exactly alike, such as Dr. Hartman, Mr. Pewtersmith, and God (in the series). He needs to hire good voice actors who can do varied voices, instead of being cheap and having a huge ego, which makes everyone sound alike.

    Overall, Seth MacFarlane is a great cartoonist and a lousy voice actor.
  • Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy. He his BRILIANT. How did he even think about Family Guy.

    Seth MacFarlane is the best. He came up with Famiy Guy, and provides his voice as the best characters. How did he even think about Family Guy. Fox gave him a lot of money and told him to create the pilot episode of Family Guy. I don't know how he could come up with such funny characters though. Seth MacFarlane lends his voice as Peter, Stewie, Brian, Quagmire, Tom Tucker(the news-anchor with the upside down face son) and more. If you didn't know what I am about to tell you, then you need to check out his bibliography. He was almost on the flight that was hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center. Pretty crazy stuff. Of course it's not funny that it happened. I'm sure it will always be remembered as a tragic loss for a lot of people. But, back to Seth, all-in-all, he is Awesome. Family Guy is a great show.
  • Seth Macfarlane is brilliant, a genius, has a GREAT voice, he's great at what he does, and i think he'll be around for a long time... hopefully :]

    There are many ways to describe Seth Macfarlane... amazing, brilliant, a genius, gorgeous, talented... you know what i mean, but the point is he's just awesome. Family Guy is my favorite show, every episode he makes me laugh in some... funny...weird... awkward kind of way, its a great show. some how i just know it will bw around for a long long time... hopefully ....couple more things... he has an amazing voice, i think its one of the greatest voices I've ever heard in my life no lie, and i think he's really cute... lolz..... remember amazing! :] -Alexandra Evans
  • loved by the English :)

    To be honest I don't really know how I'm going to use 100 words getting this point across, but let's just say i'm english (as in i'm from England) and I actually thought the guy doing Stewie's voice was english... so yeah I think he's very talented. I have to admit (please don't be offended) I don't tend to enjoy American comedy that much (Friends for example), as I really believe that British humour is slightly different, but I love Family Guy, lovely and offensive to everybody, just like good comedy should be :) now how to waste another few words...
  • Seth's a great writer and actor.

    Seth MacFarlane is the creator of Family Guy and American Dad, two of my personal favorites. He's just plain hillarious. If someone creates one great show it's impressive enough, but to be able to do it twice is incredible. I don't know how he does, he's just so funny, I guess he was just born that way. I find it hard to believe he was almost on the plane that was involved with 9/11, that would of been a horrible lost to the world. He's also an incredible voice actor, as he uses great veritity with all his characters. A thick New England voice for Peter, a straight man voice Brian, a super-genius voice for Stewie. My only complaint is his Youtube videos, there kind of sucky, but that's only a small thing not related to TV. All in all, Seth's a legend.
  • Family Guy:D

    Wow, what a creative person, with a stretched out mind. Family Guy is a pretty good show and to get much creativitiy in it, a pure genius is required and Seth is the one. He knew how to make a show what it is, and also make very funny and original characters. Sure it may look like he copied of the Simpsons, but they are different. Seth added characters that are unlike anyone in the Simpsons, like Stewie, and Brian. So anyways Seth is awesome and has a great mind, and could use it in many ways to create more entertaining shows like Family Guy.
  • Family Guy...the funniest thing on T.V. in decades, perhaps ever!

    I can't help but be amazed at the vocal range of Seth's, to go from "Stewie" (and I can't help but wonder if Seth has ever known or had an aquaintance
    with a real life "Stewie" for all the Stewie bits seem to speak of experience somehow)to the wide range
    of other characters that he lends his voice to. Family Guy is, without a doubt, the funniest thing I've seen on television in decades, if not ever. Such an extremely refreshing change from all the painfully lame fare that television routinely offers it's viewers, insulting my intelligence and making me want to swear off the lobotomy box forever. To the writers,staff and cast of Family Guy...Keep it going and keep it fresh for as long as you can guys, and when the time comes, don't be afraid to pull the plug. Don't let what happened to "The Simpsons" happen to "Family Guy"!
  • great

    Seth Macfarlane is very talented person. First, he has two shows, Family Guy and American Dad, that he is writing that have good ratings and now he has a new show, The Cleveland Show that's coming next year and writing for three shows probably isn't easy. Then he does the voices for like ten of the characters in his shows. He does the voice for Peter, Brian, Stewie, and Quagmire on Family Guy, Stan and Roger on American Dad, and I know he's doing the voice for someone on his new show The Cleveland Show. He's probably one of the greatest cartoon voice actors and cartoon writers of all time.
  • Seth McFarlane is THE MAN of this decade.

    There is a name for a man is gifted at almost anything they are called Renaissance men. Back at school, my teachers told me that all these men: Leonardo, King Henry VIII, etc, died out during the Renaissance era. But Mr. McFarlane here proved them wrong. He is intelligent, a great public speaker, a talented pianist, and an amazing singer. I mean, Harvard asked this guy to gives a speech to their students.
    His voice is so darn awesome. He had the same vocal teacher as Frank Sinatra. If anyone still doubts his ability sing, they have to watch this video
    He sings with the voices of Stewie, Peter, and Brian in one song LIVE.
    You're probably wondering why I gave him a 9.8 and not a 10. Thats so you would actually read this review because people tend to skip reviews that give things a 10/10.
    So thanks for reading this and have a wonderful day.
  • Seth MacFarlane is best known as the creator of the popular animated series Family Guy

    Seth MacFarlane is one of my most charished American comedian, animator, screenwriter, producer, actor, voice actor, and composer.

    His masterpiece, "Family Guy" went through the roof when I first saw it. Never knew way it ever got cancelled. "Family Guy" is...There are no words to decribe the brilliance of this series. This Macfarlane at his best! "American Dad" isn't compared to the glorified creativity of "Family Guy".

    Seth Macfarlane is amazing at vocally endeavoring Stewie, Brian,Peter, and Quagmires voice. He's an terrific voice-actor and animater. He should be in the Top 5 in every celebrity poll in animating. Seth Macfalane is an 10/10.
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