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  • He's underrated and my influence

    What is wrong with most of these people? Why are they always hating on Seth MacFarlane? He's a great person. He's just known for making raunchy jokes which are pretty hilarious in my opinion. Family Guy and American Dad are the best adult shows and they influence me to write off color humor story. That's right, I write a lot of violent and profane jokes (and a tad less sexual) in my stories. That's what make my stories hilarious. As the Cleveland Show, it is just okay but I won't picture it as a great show. Cleveland Brown just become a different person in his show however. And people are crazy if they prefer this over FG and AD. I still freakin' love Family Guy to this day and I'll still do until it fades away from television. I may understand why Seth and his fellow writers make it violent, raunchy and too much filler scenes, but the show is still worth watching. I'm just glad the show is back to the way it was. It was in the decline side for a few years before returning to more great episodes and less bad episodes last season. I hope the writers can continue to impress me until the show ends. As for American Dad, it's isn't going downhill either. It just got out from a weak season last year. This season so far had been an improvement. Some are already going to complain about Family Guy's writer Steve Callaghan taking over. Look, fellas, Steve's a great writer on FG, and I hope just hope he'll do well next season. The Cleveland Show will has erratic grades depending on the plots. So overall, Seth is a great person and he already had influenced me to write adult jokes. His voice actor and singing are superb as well and I liked all of his characters and they tend to get jerky/annoying at times but still enjoyable. 9/10