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  • Not funny at all-

    Not funny and toooo political is not your job. Seems tacky and takes cheep jabs at the easiest targets.
  • What I think About The Awesomes

    i think this cartoon should run 9 seasons I love hot wire and Prock and all the others its CLASSIC

  • Time to pack! he's GOT TO GO...

    12 years being on the show? and 5 years of it just sitting behind that table. weekend update is funny but not like funny haha! we just don't get it.
  • Seth is one of the best comedians of his time!

    Seth Meyers is a very funny guy. I love watching him on SNL and he is doing great as a weekend update anchor. I believe that Seth is probaly the most funny weekend update anchor of all time. He had great timing with all of his jokes. Seth's standup is also really funny. He is a natural comedian. Seth is a very talented writer too. Most people i talk to don't know who he is. After i tell them to watch SNL thought and weekend update, they know what i am talking about. Seth has a great talent for comedy and i hope he is around to make me laugh for years to come.
  • Very underrated but funny!

    Seth is very funny to watch and that I really
    Enjoy him and he will likely feel in the gap After Tina Fey left to do Thirty Rock and now
    He is at the anchor desk with Amy Poehler and is
    Doing a great job IMHO. Hopefully he will breakout into stardom!